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ICO Issues £180k Fine For Unsolicited Calls And Texts

 I am excited to report that the ICO (Information Commissioner's Office) has issued a fine of £180,000 to a company that engaged in automated unsolicited calls without consent.

The FSB reports that a company used an automated calling system to make unwanted recorded direct marketing calls to individuals - mostly about PPI (payment protection insurance), package bank accounts of flight delays -  resulting in 6,381 complaints to the ICO via their online reporting tool. 

The ICO updated its guidance to businesses on direct marketing in May 2016 and the latest version of their guidance can be found here.  


Why company executives should not market with unsolicited calls

Nuisance calls and texts are a marketing technique that really gets our goat and we talked about efforts by telephone providers to stop this type of cold calling here.

2 Reasons To Reassign Your Cold Calling Budget

A glance through a recent edition of Which? magazine reveals that their campaign to stop nuisance calls and texts now has more than 300,000 supporters.

And they are clearly pleased to report that a couple of phone companies are trying to help people to eradicate the dreaded cold call.

BT and TalkTalk offer nuisance call blacklists

First, following on from TalkTalk's similar commitment, BT have announced that they will help to stop cold callers by launching a new nuisance call blocking service later this year. Chief Executive of BT, John Petter, branded nuisance calls one of the great annoyances of modern life.

Is it time to give up on telemarketing as your primary lead generation method?

BT estimates that the new service will block up to 25 million unwanted calls EVERY WEEK! They will analyse and monitor calls to their 10 million customers and add any rogue numbers to a blacklist which will then be diverted to a junk voice box. The blacklist will be expanded if lots of their customers identify unwanted numbers and users can also create a personal blacklist.