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The Dangers Of Buying Email Lists For Your B2C Business!

If you're one of the many companies that relies on buying email lists for your marketing strategy, the latest FSB Voice Business Update has some nasty news for you.

Email Marketing Faux Pas - The Dangers of Using Outlook

If you're using Outlook or some other similar platform to send out bulk emails, you could get yourself into a lot of hot water.

Here's a classic example of an email marketing faux pas that arrived in my inbox last week from a local beautician.

How to irritate your customers by showing their personal emails to all your other customers

To: List of the personal email addresses of 160 clients all showing to every recipient.

Offer containing several typos

I was not terribly impressed but these things happen.   And I had this vision of a receptionist at the business looking at the computer with horror at what had just happened.

The following day, I received a second message from them

To: List of the personal email addresses of 160 clients - again listing the personal email addresses of their entire database