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Contact Form Submission Spam Scam

 It happened again this Monday morning! I opened my computer to see loads of email enquiries that had come in over the weekend from our website.

Sadly, rather than enquiries from potential new customers, a large number of these messages were contact form submission spam. And, in my humble opinion, almost all of these messages are a scam designed to take the money of unsuspecting business owners today with the promise of jam tomorrow. 

Contact Form Submission Spam Malware

And those that were not were garbled emails of letters and numbers that included strange links that almost certainly led to malware. Remember not to click on any links in emails from people that you do not know or even from people that you do know but which look unusual as they may have had their hotmail or yahoo email accounts hacked.

Examples of Contact Form Submission Spam

I've spent years honestly building my business, creating individually tailored yet repeatable processes to provide my clients with the business leads they need in order to grow. 

So it frustrates me when I see Cowboy marketers flogging their scammy wares for peanuts.