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Can You Conquer Facebook's Auto Generated Business Pages?


As a Digital Marketing agency, we often have to make social media accounts for new clients. And, usually everything goes well until one of Facebook's features comes along to ruin everything...

This time it's the auto generated pages that Facebook creates for new businesses on Facebook.

Sounds helpful, right? Facebook creating your business page for you? No. Instead they have been automatically spewing out "generic company fan pages" that are unclaimable by the official business page.

"Well, so what?" you may be wondering.

These pages can be seen in the search bar and mistaken for your official business page by Facebook users. Meaning, people can like, share and tag that auto generated business page while your official page is losing out on all the engagement!


Place Tips - Attract More Visitors To Your Facebook Business Page

With mobile users continuing to use social media everywhere and anywhere, including when they shop and dine, there's a new opportunity for businesses to connect with their customers whilst they are in store.

Place Tips is a new feature that allows people, with a Wi-Fi connection, to learn more about the business during their visit. Since the new feature launched, local businesses that have tested Facebook Place Tips have seen a steady increase in page traffic.

LAST CHANCE TO GET £4K to Bring Your Digital Marketing In-House

I am reminded that Essex County Council are still promoting a funding programme for Essex businesses which is finishing on 31 March 2016.

The Digital Skills for Growth programme enables Essex businesses to receive up to £4,000 for each employee they hire to go towards developing their digital skills. As long as the employee is an Essex resident and going into a digital based role, they can cover 70% of the course fee for any training that will enhance their skills and help your business to grow.

Recruit or promote a digital marketer

Yes, you heard that right!  If you employ a person to take on your digital marketing, you can get £4000 worth of FREE training - providing you stump up the remaining 30%.

An alternative is to move an existing employee into the Digital Marketing role and take on a new employee to fill that existing employee's role.  Yes, you are still eligible for a grant to cover 70% of any training costs.

Who can train your digital marketing employee?

The types of courses which are covered by the funding include:  Digital Marketing, Social Media and SEO and, of course, Lollipop are your favourite local supplier for all of these.

What industries can apply for the Digital Skills for Growth funding?

Don't Help Facebook BOOST their Coffers

Hands up if you've got a Facebook Business Page

Did you know that less than 10% of your fans actually see the status updates you put up?

So if you have 100 fans, that's just 10 of them.

Pretty poor show.

The Hat Changing Pitch On Facebook Ads

Looking back through our files of pitches that have been presented at BNI and Women In Business, there are two that really stand out.  Jon's juggling and my hat change pitch on Facebook Ads.  

Here's how it went!  Remember, I only have 60 seconds and, every time I speak as the business owner, I have to take off my fluorescent yellow baseball cap.

I met a local business owner last week who told me she didn't need my Facebook ads training.

"No," she said, "I promoted my page last week and got 25 new likes."

"And it only cost me £75."

 "ONLY?" I expostulated. "So that's £3 per like. Were any of those likes based in Southend?"

Attract Customers To Your Business With Facebook Offers

Facebook Offers are a FREE way to bring customers to your bricks and mortar shop/office or online ecommerce store (or both) by promising a discount or freebie.

How do Facebook Offers work?

Decide what it is that you want to offer

  • a free cup of coffee
  • 10% off a purchase
  • a free dessert if you buy a main
  • a two for one on your best selling or slower selling product

and they can get that just for turning up at the store or surfing to your website!

Have you got your FREE Facebook Ad yet?

Facebook does not give much away for free, especially to business owners.

So, when they do, you need to grab hold of it with both hands!

Just a couple of months ago, Facebook introduced the new Create a Call To Action feature right on the cover image of your Facebook business page.  

This is the equivalent of free advertising on Facebook!

To begin with, only a very few businesses were honoured with this tribute.  But, over the last couple of weeks, the feature seems to have been rolled out to pretty much everyone.

That's all very well, but what use is a Call To Action?

We've always taught our students and shown our clients how to make their cover image into a clickable link that drives traffic back to their website or their specific sales page.  But having the skills to add the wording that explained it was a clickable link to an image was often beyond them.

Social Media Symbols - Confusion That Could Damage Your Sales

We were chatting with the Managing Director of a manufacturing firm recently and he commented that his web design company had not linked his website to his business Facebook page.

In fact, the web designer had done it correctly.  But instead of adding a Facebook symbol which clicked through to his Facebook page, the designer had added a Like button.  

Providing the user is logged into Facebook elsewhere on their computer, clicking this button will register a Like on the Facebook page of the business.


importantly, it doesn't open a window and take the user AWAY from the website to visit the Facebook page.

Why Solicitors Need To Address Their Privacy Settings On Facebook

Are you being found on Facebook or Google for all the wrong reasons?

Even if you only interact with family members, could the Facebook privacy settings on your personal profile be leaving you open to a contravention of the SRA Code of Conduct 2011?

The privacy settings on Facebook for solicitors are crucial.  It's not just about your behaviour on the platform but how other people around you interact with the platform.  

You can get fabulous Facebook reviews for your Firm but if you personally are the subject of less salubrious publicity, your professionalism and attention to detail in the office or courtroom can be all for nothing.

Facebook and Family

At a family gathering recently, one of the Uncles was bouncing a toddler on his knee when the child began reaching out for his glass of beer.

As A Solicitor, Should I Be Your Friend On Facebook?

Following on from our post about how solicitors can unfriend on Facebook, we thought it would be useful to talk you through how to make the decision on whether to friend someone in the first place.

Facebook for Solicitors - things to think about

The Law Society's advice on using Facebook as an individual says:

if you make 'friends' with clients on Facebook, you should evaluate whether this may affect any of your ethical obligations.

For example, just being friends could show that you have a link with that person and breach some of the outcomes in Chapter 4 of the SRA Code and any interactions on the platform could affect your obligations as laid out in Chapter 1 on Client Care.

It's a very fine line, so here's our helpful infographic on whether you should become friends on Facebook and, if you are already friends, the level of friendship you should consider.

Should I Be Your Friend on Facebook?