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Is Facebook Removing Business Posts From Personal News Feeds?

A new client asked us to quote for at least 4 Facebook updates per day as part of their social media management. He said: "The reason our current campaigns are not working is because there aren't enough daily updates."

We know that Facebook only shows organic updates from businesses to about 3% of the people who have liked their page... they want them to pay to play. This means businesses are tempted to publish more to get a better chance of getting shown.

However, scrolling through my own news feed on that weekday evening revealed NO posts from businesses other than those that had been liked, commented on or shared by my friends and, of course, sponsored ads.

Sadly, the very next day revealed why future organic campaigns may cease to be worthwhile - and it was nothing to do with quantity.

Facebook announced changes to the way that business posts would be displayed in the newsfeeds of individuals.