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by Jo Shaer, on March 4, 2019

Looking for a way to increase website traffic to your Fire & Security website? Apple no longer have the Google My Business app on their mobile devices by default. Instead, …

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Topics:Apple Mapsfire & security

by Jo Shaer, on March 1, 2019

Don't know what a buyer persona is? Or why your Fire & Security business should have one? Well, you're not alone. But it is a fundamental piece of the digital …

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Topics:Leadsfire & security

by Jo Shaer, on February 26, 2019

I asked a Fire and Security director if his website was working for him. His reply: "It had better be! I paid enough for it!" Question - You don't know …

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Topics:SEOfire & security

by Jon Law, on February 24, 2019

You invest in a website to generate sales leads or enquiries for your Fire & Security company. Without a steady stream of leads, businesses of any size will struggle to grow. Even …

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Topics:LeadsSalesfire & security

by Jo Shaer, on February 20, 2019

Google Adwords or Pay Per Click (PPC) is a great tool in your Inbound Marketing arsenal. Used wisely, it can hugely increase the stream of targeted prospects visiting your Fire & Security website …

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Topics:PPCfire & security

by Jon Law, on February 19, 2019

Since starting work with Fire & Security installers back in 2010, we've generated hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of business through blogging. And, there's no reason why you shouldn't …

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Topics:Bloggingfire & security

by Jo Shaer, on February 15, 2019

Many Fire & Security businesses get started on Google Ads by accident. You got offered a voucher! Spend £120 this month and you'll get £120 for free next month - that …

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Topics:Google Adwords for beginnersfire & security

by Jo Shaer, on February 11, 2019

There are lots of web designers starting up all over the country. This is great for Fire & Security professionals who want to buy based on price. But, as you know from …

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Topics:websitesfire & security

by Robert Ellis, on January 29, 2019

Selecting the correct keywords can improve your Fire & Security website's positioning in Google's search results. So it's a crucial part of your Digital Marketing. But, hold your horses! Before we …

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Topics:SEOfire & security

by Jo Shaer, on January 28, 2019

Many Fire & Security sales people don't realise that it is possible to link to your LinkedIn Company Page from your Personal Profile. It's an important thing to do because: if …

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