He was going through the books and all was not well. The collapse of one of his major long term customers had left a bad debt that had severely affected cashflow. He had suppliers sending him rude emails about late payments but, by deferring them, he had just managed to scrape together enough funds to meet payroll this month.

The dire financial situation meant that he had had to take on two jobs he never would have considered before. He knew they were bad news but it meant money coming in now - even if they would be working for minimal profit, please not a loss, in the long run.

Marley - a Salesman restrained by Management

Marley, his long suffering partner and sales director had warned him that the chains they forged today would come back to shackle them in the not too distant future. That taking on this type of work would only end in tears!

Marley had begged to be able to use LinkedIn to locate the business owners who actually needed their services but Scrooge didn't have time to waste on all that social media time suckiness.