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Google 360 Virtual Tour - Should Your Fire & Security Business Invest?

We talk to a lot of Fire & Security directors. You tell us that you are always looking for quick ways to generate more Traffic and Leads from your websites. It's the best way to get new customers!

One of the latest options is to invest in a Google 360 Virtual Tour of your premises.

Google Virtual Tours are neither 3d nor video. They are Street View inside. Street View? Yes, you know when you look at Google Maps and you can place the little orange man onto an area and then see what it actually looks like there – from the satellite view.

These Virtual Tours give a 360 degree view of the inside of your premises. They look impressive. But is it worth the investment? 

Lollipop answer the vital questions that Fire & Security professionals need to know.

Will a Google Maps Virtual Tour affect your online search presence?

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You can now create and publish posts with news of Offers or Events or Products/Services  that can be seen and clicked by people viewing your listing in Maps or on the Knowledge Panel on the right hand side of some search results.