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How To Connect On LinkedIn With Your Ideal Prospects

Once you’ve defined the companies who fit your Ideal Buyer Profile and the Buyer Personas who work for those companies, you need to work out how you’re going to connect with them.

You can have hundreds of ideal prospects listed on the best free CRM for small businesses but, if none of them know who you are or how you can help them, it's a waste of time.

The State of Inbound noted that 42% of salespeople they surveyed said that prospecting is the most difficult part of the sales process – but in many cases that’s probably because they are doing it all wrong.

How To Replace LinkedIn Tags with Hubspot CRM Properties

The Hubspot CRM is a great replacement for all the free users of LinkedIn who are missing the Notes & Tags options.

Here's how to set up properties on your Hubspot CRM to replace LinkedIn tags without having to fork out for a premium account.

Just go to Settings in the black navigation bar, find edit your contact properties or add new properties and then select Manage. 

Next, click the blue Create a new property button and you will see this pop up. These properties will then appear on your Contact cards as a field for you to complete and which you can use to filter your contacts as you require.

Why Losing LinkedIn Tags & Notes For Free Accounts Is Not A Problem

If you’re waking up with the new updated LinkedIn layout, one of the best features will now be missing from your free version – the mini CRM that allowed you to manage your relationships on the platform.

Previously, underneath each profile that you visited was a section where you could make notes and reminders about that connection. It showed your most recent interactions and could be ‘tagged’ with a series of labels that allowed you to filter your connections by the things that were common to them.

But not any more – unless you want to pay about £75/month to get the LinkedIn Premium Sales Navigator package.

So what can you do to replace LinkedIn tags and notes?

Get The Free Sales CRM from Hubspot

Fortunately, Hubspot have stepped into the breach with their free CRM which actually works much better than the old LinkedIn version, in most cases.

How To Use LinkedIn To Find Customers

Last year LinkedIn was great for finding customers. 

In 2016, you could do an Advanced Search that would allow you to put in the Job Title of your ideal customer, the ideal industry and a radius within which they were located. Press a button and LinkedIn would search through your 1st, 2nd and 3rd connections plus any Groups that you had joined and produce a list of likely candidates. It would even allow you to save that list and automatically update it for you when anyone new joined LinkedIn who met your criteria.

However, that feature is now severely curtailed in 2017 for free accounts.  

But all is not lost - you just need to be a bit more industrious and innovative. And, in some ways, the lack of automation will actually improve the way you select your list of potential prospects. It forces you to be more selective about who you add to your sales pipeline.  Read on to find out how to use LinkedIn to find customers in 2017.

How To Stop Seeing Spammy LinkedIn Published Posts

As I sat down to catch up with my LinkedIn connections this Saturday morning, I saw a notification about a new published post.

It was authored by someone who I had connected with over three years ago. And it was a post that shouted about what a great web designer he was and how I should call him now if I was thinking of updating my website.  It was a nasty, nasty, spammy published post. 

It wasn't about educating or entertaining me. It was just thrusting its way into my consciousness when I had no desire to upgrade my website.

Company Directors Hijacked - Can Identity Theft Be Stopped

I was sitting in the reception area of my accountants last week waiting to approve my annual return.  I was early but, rather than check my emails, I noticed a copy of Which? magazine on the nearby table with a headline which caught my eye. 

How  identity theft happens online 

It was all about how Which? researchers had managed to successfully apply for credit cards and mortgages using personal information taken from the internet - and, in particular, social media profiles.

New LinkedIn Comment Likes

I just had an argument about using LinkedIn, with the Queen of LinkedIn, Jo Shaer.

I expect you can guess who won. 

However, you probably won't be able to  guess what we argued about.

It turns out that LinkedIn have introduced a new feature - without telling anybody. 

Jo seemed convinced and, being as she's on LinkedIn all the time, I should have listened to her. Yet I was sure that LinkedIn wouldn't bring out a new feature without shouting their greatness to the heavens. What's the point in making a really great update and then not telling anybody?

I checked the LinkedIn help, but apparently there has been no update to the feature in 6 months.

Jo's argument?   -  'Well they have'. 

4 Benefits Of Social Media For Manufacturers

Social media for manufacturers is an underused asset.

For example, as a manufacturer, some of your priorities may currently include:

  • Finding a solution to the skills shortage
  • Increasing reach and finding new markets
  • Building brand strength
  • Increasing sales

...and more.

You guessed it, I’m about to advocate social media as part of a wider strategy to help tackle each of these problems.

A Guide For Your First Networking Event

There comes a time in a person's life that they have to attend the dreaded networking event for the first time. 

It's a scary prospect, as you imagine the hordes of people you don't know but who seem to all know each other, gathering around chatting like social interaction isn't one of the hardest things on the planet to master.

And that's just it. I'm not a master of social interaction, nor will I pretend to be.

So before I share what I learned, let's walk you through my event.

How To Be Anonymous On LinkedIn

One of the questions I got asked as I did the rounds of engineers and manufacturers at Southern Manufacturing recently was How can I be anonymous on LinkedIn so here we go!

I suppose the first question to ask is why you would want to be anonymous?  Normally, that's so you can snoop on the profiles of your competition without them knowing.

You might also be checking out profiles to help formulate the Buyer Persona for your target customer.

Be aware that, if you do go anonymous on LinkedIn, you will lose your own stats for the Who Has Viewed My Profile section.

How to be anonymous on LinkedIn

Click on your profile picture at the top right of the page in the navigation bar.

You will need to add your password to continue.

From the drop down menu, select 'Manage' against Privacy & Settings.

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