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Can Corporate Identity Theft Be Stopped?

One of the things we take really seriously at Lollipop is continuing professional development. In an industry that is full of cowboys and with very little regulation, we try to do whatever courses we can to prove our expertise and reassure potential customers that we are not just in this to take their money.

Company Directors Hijacked - Can Identity Theft Be Stopped

I was sitting in the reception area of my accountants last week waiting to approve my annual return.  I was early but, rather than check my emails, I noticed a copy of Which? magazine on the nearby table with a headline which caught my eye. 

How  identity theft happens online 

It was all about how Which? researchers had managed to successfully apply for credit cards and mortgages using personal information taken from the internet - and, in particular, social media profiles.

Lead Generation Stats For Manufacturers

Many manufacturers don't believe they need to consider lead generation.  They say their regular clients have been with them for a long time and that new business comes via word of mouth and referrals.

And, if you really don't need to grow your business, you might be happy to stick with those tried and trusted methods.

However, if your order book is starting to show gaps and your staff are sitting around idle, here are some stats from a recent Demand Generation Benchmark report that you might want to consider.  

HubSpot and Qualtrics conducted a survey of 900 management-level marketers in North America and Europe and asked them about their clients.

Their findings showed that companies exceeding their revenue goals report branding, website design and optimization, and social media as their top 3 marketing investments. These are also the top three investments reported by all survey respondents. The lowest investments are in telemarketing and traditional advertising.

Becoming A More Productive Managing Director


We have been trying to get inside the minds of Managing Directors so we can be more relevant in our blogging content.

And the one thing that comes up time and time again is, well, lack of time!

  • Feeling like a hamster constantly running round its wheel;
  • never getting home in time to put the kids to bed;
  • constant insistent demands pinging by email onto the mobile phone long into the night;
  • no possibility of quality time with your significant other.

On a Bank Holiday Monday, that feeling can become even more overwhelming when it seems that everyone else is having the day off but your work phone is still active.

So I was excited to see that Randy Ray of Reflective Dynamics had interviewed 19 productivity experts to identify some ways that MDs can resolve this most nagging of pain points.

Which productivity tips resonated most with this MD?