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Using The Trepanning Tool In UK Manufacturing

 So, did you know that a TREPANNING tool is more than just a device that the Victorians used to drill holes into people's skulls as a medical procedure? Trepanning metal is also a modern day drilling operation.

One of the reasons that I love Factory Friday is the way that I get to learn about the world of manufacturing - and it was Andrea Rodney, a long-time friend of the Lollies who filled me in.

Her Company, Hone-All Precision, is the market leader in deep hole boring,  deep hole drilling, honing and turning up to 3 metres long. Their specialist area of expertise is tubular components of all specifications and tolerances.

We know a lot of companies that use 3 and 5 axis machines to create very complex parts with amazingly small tolerances but this was something rather different.

Spending Your Engineering Marketing Budget in 2017

A few months ago, a market research report by Engineering.com reported on the way that engineering companies will be spending their marketing budget in 2017.

Most of the 85 engineering marketers surveyed will be American, so does this ring true for your behaviour as a UK Engineer?

The Manufacturing Growth Programme

The Manufacturing Growth Programme Grant scheme has been live since the end of 2016 and provides free advice and support to established SME manufacturers who want to grow by increasing turnover or jobs and/or introduce new products/services/processes.

Industrially Manufactured items have Copyright extended from 25 to 70 years

Another hat tip to the FSB magazine for highlighting the Repeal of section 52 of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.

Subcon 2016 - Catching up with LinkedIn Manufacturers

We booked our places at Subcon 2016 back in March - after Southern Manufacturing - and I had been really looking forward to it. After driving up from Essex the night before, it was a gloriously sunny day. Despite being a regular visitor to Birmingham, I had never been to the NEC or Subcon before.

20th Century Innovation Tactics Don't Work For Manufacturers


It's a bit of a buzz word in the Manufacturing world, yet most businesses only innovate in one part of their company, and it's usually their machinery.

However, being innovative isn't about being able to churn out somebody else's new products, it's about introducing new ideas that are original and creative to your business.

So why not be creative and look to innovate in a new area of your business - your website?

Strategy Over Tactics - Why The Innovation Process Alone Won't Work

OK, so this isn't new information. Strategy has always worked far better than individual tactics. 

Wars are not won using just tactics. Nor markets conquered with single ideas. A well thought out strategy is the answer to all of your marketing problems. 

For example, do you remember the last thing you ate?

What was the tactic behind eating that food?

Put it in your mouth, chew and swallow? Or was it part of a broader healthly lifestyle choice?

Now look at your stomach, is there a rippling six pack there?

If there is, I'm willing to bet you have a strategy for your diet.

If there isn't, this could be an awkwardly personal metaphor for your business. 

A Great Day Out At Southern Manufacturing 2016

Jon and I made our first visit to the FIVE tent at Farnborough and the Southern Manufacturing exhibition earlier this month.

It was a three day event but we chose the Wednesday, which was just as well as the weather had quietened down a bit by then.  

The poor exhibitors, like our clients Axis Precision Engineering Components - see Andrew and Peter below - had a torrid time driving down from Essex and setting up late on Monday evening and the early hours of Tuesday morning thanks to the high winds and torrential rain of Storm Imogen.

Competitive differentiation - manufacturers must STOP copying!

It's fair to say that most UK Manufacturers have failed to embrace digital marketing. Many have out of date websites or no website at all. Clearly, these companies are missing an opportunity to eek out a competitive advantage over the many other manufacturing Luddites stuck in the 20th century!

There's an opportunity to be digital marketing leaders and to stand out from the crowd.

The trouble is, even those companies who have a modern website are struggling to use their website effectively. All too often UK manufacturers follow the competition rather than strive to be leaders of the pack. Again there's an advantage to be had, a competitive differentiation advantage. This blog post gives you simple to use tips that will make YOU stand out from the competition.

5 Ways Your Website Upgrade Can Ruin Your Paid Adwords/PPC Campaign

Google Adwords or Pay Per Click (PPC) is just another strategy in your Inbound Marketing arsenal.  Used wisely, it can dramatically increase the stream of targeted prospects visiting your website.

However, if  your website is not set up correctly, all it does is amplify a broken sales funnel.

After having spent many months getting a fantastic conversion rate of more than 5:1 on the PPC campaign for one of our clients, he invested in a new website.

The design company charged with managing the website upgrade answered all our questions about the URL redirects, landing pages and Google Adwords and Analytics positively; neither we nor the client had any clue of the fiasco that was to follow.

The top 5 mistakes for your PPC campaign in a website redesign

I list the main mistakes we discovered here so that any other business owner who is considering upgrading their website can really grill the website design company as to whether they know what they are doing/fully understand the implications of any design decisions.