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Inbound Marketing Blog

Marketing At Halloween - How Dynamic Security Companies Can Sell More Burglar Alarms

When was the last time you sat down and thought, "I'm going to do a blog post about Halloween to help my business!" Never? Probably... 

But tailoring the content you produce around public holidays such as Halloween and Christmas is something you should be doing to promote your business. 

I'm not suggesting you bring out a range of bat-shaped CCTV cameras... but instead, you need to think about what problems these different holidays and events can bring to your target audience and utilise this in one of Inbound Marketing's favourite tactics - blog writing.

GDPR Help For Fire and Security Installers

One of our lovely Fire & Security clients asked me recently whether I could just "sort out his GDPR thing for him".

Does your Security Company want to turn more site surveys into sales?

For Security companies, advertising and marketing comes in various shapes and sizes. People see your sign written vans, your bell boxes are everywhere and all your guys wear uniforms. That's great if someone sees one of these just after being burgled...

They can call you up and arrange a site survey. Of course, that is what gets you business. No site survey - no sale!

It used to be Yellow Pages, but nowadays the real marketing magic happens when your website is working well. You'll be getting loads of additional enquiries and drowning in site surveys. And that means everything is perfect...

Or is it?

When those site surveys fail to bring in business, you've wasted time and money.

This blog post reveals the most important mistake we see Security companies make again and again. And it explains what you can do about it to get more sales.