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6 Scintillating SEO Tips for Security Companies - How To Get Traffic To Your Website

In an extremely crowded market place, Fire & Security Systems Installers are starting to understand that it takes more than just word of mouth, bell boxes and vans to keep the enquiries rolling in.

It's no longer enough to have a pretty online brochure with some snaps of your bell box and your van. You now need a website that attracts warm leads who are ready to book a site survey. Plus articles that educate and inform visitors researching alarm and CCTV systems.

But how can you get your website in front of those people who are searching for the best way to protect their domestic or commercial properties?

Get Customers To Come To You in Southend and Colchester

In May, I gave a presentation on how to get customers to come to you for business people at Essex Chambers' networking breakfast at the Mercury Theatre in Colchester. Click more to see the slides from that presentation in this blog post and to learn where you can get hands on training at a fraction of the usual cost!

Top 10 Most Annoying Sales Calls

I have been on the receiving end of far too many sales calls that left me wanting to put the phone down fast, and I'm definitely not alone! This new survey from the American Management Association asked 1,100 buyers about the sales tactics and behaviours they found the most irritating. Here’s what they said, starting with their top answer:

3 Reasons Why Your Website Won't Work Straight 'Out Of The Box'

You pay your money to a web developer and he builds the most beautiful website you have ever seen.

And you sit back and wait for the traffic to rush in and the phone to start ringing. But it doesn't!

What's going on?  You have built it and they are supposed to come!  

Reality Check!  This is not Kevin Costner in Field of Dreams!  

3 FREE Ways To Attract Qualified Visitors To Your Website

Of course, there are paid methods of bringing traffic to your website, and these do have their place.

However, who wouldn't prefer to get some of those visitors for FREE!  Google will send traffic to your website if you help her to help you.

This article looks at three ways businesses can make some straightforward adjustments to become more visible on Google.

Better visibility means more traffic. Without Traffic, there are no Leads and without leads there are no new Customers. Every website needs some T - L - C!

A Nightmare On SEO Street Part 2 - The Mystery Of The Missed Micromoments

In April 2015, Google announced the mobile user algorithm update, which caused a bit of a ruckus. 

If your website was horrible to view and navigate on mobile and tablet devices, Google told you that your website may stop showing in the search results.

Was this rule just another case of Google throwing its weight around to the detriment of small business and just more SEO hassle to deal with?

Google's Advice On SEO Companies Who Guarantee 1st Page Ranking

I am indebted to Joy Hawkins for highlighting that Google has finally put into writing their advice for business owners who want to use third parties to manage their Google My Business listing (and their website visibility).

Under the heading of Deceptive Behaviour, Google says:

Guaranteeing placement on Google.

It is not possible for third-parties to influence the order in which your business appears on Google Search or Maps.

SEO Companies who guarantee

I see so many SEO websites offering #1 placements for a very cheap price... along with various testimonials from delighted customers.

5 Ways Your Website Upgrade Can Ruin Your Paid Adwords/PPC Campaign

Google Adwords or Pay Per Click (PPC) is just another strategy in your Inbound Marketing arsenal.  Used wisely, it can dramatically increase the stream of targeted prospects visiting your website.

However, if  your website is not set up correctly, all it does is amplify a broken sales funnel.

After having spent many months getting a fantastic conversion rate of more than 5:1 on the PPC campaign for one of our clients, he invested in a new website.

The design company charged with managing the website upgrade answered all our questions about the URL redirects, landing pages and Google Adwords and Analytics positively; neither we nor the client had any clue of the fiasco that was to follow.

The top 5 mistakes for your PPC campaign in a website redesign

I list the main mistakes we discovered here so that any other business owner who is considering upgrading their website can really grill the website design company as to whether they know what they are doing/fully understand the implications of any design decisions.

LAST CHANCE TO GET £4K to Bring Your Digital Marketing In-House

I am reminded that Essex County Council are still promoting a funding programme for Essex businesses which is finishing on 31 March 2016.

The Digital Skills for Growth programme enables Essex businesses to receive up to £4,000 for each employee they hire to go towards developing their digital skills. As long as the employee is an Essex resident and going into a digital based role, they can cover 70% of the course fee for any training that will enhance their skills and help your business to grow.

Recruit or promote a digital marketer

Yes, you heard that right!  If you employ a person to take on your digital marketing, you can get £4000 worth of FREE training - providing you stump up the remaining 30%.

An alternative is to move an existing employee into the Digital Marketing role and take on a new employee to fill that existing employee's role.  Yes, you are still eligible for a grant to cover 70% of any training costs.

Who can train your digital marketing employee?

The types of courses which are covered by the funding include:  Digital Marketing, Social Media and SEO and, of course, Lollipop are your favourite local supplier for all of these.

What industries can apply for the Digital Skills for Growth funding?

Is Your Website A 24/7 Marketing Machine?

In today's economic climate, there are THREE crucial reasons why you need to turn your website into a marketing machine, rather than leave it as a static brochure which doesn't earn its keep.

1. Business Growth - attracting the right type of visitors to your website, those ideal customers who are most likely to want your product or service

2. Building Your List - converting those visitors into leads by exchanging their email address for useful content.

3. Differentiation - showing those leads why you are better than your competition so it's obvious why they should become customers.