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How To Write The Best Inbound Sales Tweets

So many business people hate social media. They view social selling as a bunch of people on Facebook or Twitter, who only shout about buying their products all the time.  

It's no different from the other interruptive, distracting traditional marketing methods that they hate.

Twitter For Recruiting [INFOGRAPHIC]

The big news is that the manufacturing industry has an acute skills shortage.  We've been teaching engineering businesses how to use LinkedIn to attract the best staff for their vacancies, but it looks like Twitter could also play a part in this process.

How Do You Tweet Someone?

Doing social media for a living, I am continually surprised by the number of times I get asked "How do you tweet someone?"

Phill Jupitus Taught Me How To Tweet

The billboard near my house is advertising that the lovely Mr Phill Jupitus will be joining a celebrity ensemble performance based on Mel Brooks's The Producers at his home theatre, The Cliffs Pavilion in Southend.  

From Tuesday 7 to Saturday 11 April, Phill will be playing Franz Leibland and joins fellow cast members Jason Manford as Leo Bloom and Louie Spence as Carmen Ghia.

When I saw the huge poster, I couldn't help but be reminded of the rather significant part that Phill played in my social media career.

How Phill Jupitus Taught Me To Tweet