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2 Ways Your Bad Website Design Is Killing Your Business!

A bad website design that is killing your business is a powerful hook! It should at least make you ask yourself the question.

But you may not think that you have a bad website design at all. Yours looks fa-bu-lous! It's got a really eye-catching image and tells your customer all about what you do. How could that possibly be wrong?

Many of the business owners we talk to complain that their website isn't generating the leads and enquiries they expect. But almost all of them fail to realise that they are suffering from bad website design

The clue is in the job title - a web designer’s specialty lies in the design of the website. Now, don’t get me wrong, the design is a critical element that provides the first WOW! when a human arrives at your site. However, a sexy website does not automatically mean it is successful at generating enquiries and customers.

In fact, a bad website design often results in no visitors and no enquiries. Read our real life examples...

Grand Design or Expensive Mistake - Is Your Website Bad For Business?

It's that horrible moment of truth - the sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach. You suddenly realise that the website you invested so much time and money into is not performing as you had hoped.

And yet, you think it looks great. The designer promised that a stand out design was all that was required for success and lots of customers.

But how much value does your sexy website have? The design and images may look cool but, rather than a 24/7 sales tool that is actively attracting people who are ready to buy, it's turned into nothing more than a static online brochure.

And like all marketing literature, you physically have to give its URL to people. No one actually finds it online unless they search for your business name. You might as well have left it in a box under the table with your leaflets. 

But it's performing even worse than your leaflets because, even when you get people to the site, they are leaving again.

Is Your New Website A Horror Story?

Back in the summer, we were asked to give a quote for keyword research and blogging strategy specifically aimed at getting new commercial clients for a B2B company in a town in the South of England.  Our quote was part of an overall creative package for a new website.