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Inbound Marketing Blog

How Lollipop Can Get Better Results For Your Website

One of our first clients worked for two industrial manufacturing companies.  In the downturn after 2008, she was very worried about the lack of enquiries that were coming in and asked us to take a look at one of the businesses.

After a roaring success  through creating a website and digital marketing strategy that stopped their problems with a feast/famine order cycle, we were eventually invited to spread some Lolly magic to the second business which was in dire straits. 

Why Ambitious MDs Need A Website Traffic Conversion Rate Calculator

5 minute read

To  get a true insight into the success of your website, ambitious MDs with aggressive growth goals need TWO vital pieces of data. Plus a website traffic conversion rate calculator to make sense of the information!

First is Traffic - How much does your website get?

Traffic is the number of visitors who find your website. It's a great barometer of how visible your business is online. And, of course:

No traffic = no sales

3 Annoying Reasons Why Your Website Traffic Is Only Boosting Your Ego

6 minute read

It happened again this week. The Managing Director of a fire and security systems installer told me that he didn't need any help with his website because it already got loads of traffic.

Sorry guys but, as he chundered on about how many people were visiting his website, I couldn't help thinking about the proverbial "big sports car = small p***s" analogy.

Being a lady, I held my tongue and asked my default question in this scenario.

Sounds great! How many of them are turning into Leads.... or, better still, Customers?

I don't know, I get a report every month from the guy who does my marketing. They told me I was getting lots of site visitors so I was very excited. 

Lovely... But. here's 3 annoying reasons why those thousands of website visitors may ONLY be boosting your EGO, not your business.

1.  Spam bots and ghost traffic can't become customers