Twice The Price: Why Fire & Security GOOD GUYS Lose Out…

quote was twice the price

It’s just an excuse…

“but you were twice the price… of course, we went with the other quote”

Because, cheap usually isn’t cheerful… especially in the Fire & Security industry

Cheap means someone is cutting corners…

Compliance, well a lack of it. Invalidated insurance.

Shoddy, lazy workmanship with spaghetti wiring, cables everywhere and a long list of faults

The list goes on. And on

And it bugs you. Not just because your honest quote means you don’t get the work. Not just because the end-user suffers with a poor system

But, you deserve better. Because of the hoops, you jump through, to be honest. It’s just not right that competitors with lower morals win the work.

There are 3 Marketing lessons to take away.

Messaging is the 1st.

Your 2nd is promoting your message way more than you think you ‘should‘. And your 3rd…

Well, your 3rd is making the same mistake yourself!

Let me explain.

As I said.

Cheap = cutting corners… but this time it’s you on your marketing

And, if you’ve not put the time and effort to get your marketing message right

So it makes you stand out in such a crowded market

Well, that’s cutting corners. Right there

But you tell us:

Lollipop, our messaging IS right. We’ve spent money with legit marketing companies. They do Google Ads for us We’ve had websites built. And we’re happy with the brochures we send out

Well, how many leads do those ads bring in?

Do your brochures contribute?

And has your website opened the floodgates to loads of leads?

I bet your answer is… I’m not sure how well they do.

It can be very difficult (but not impossible) to measure this stuff.

But here’s a way to get an idea.

Who knows if your marketing is right?

Find out what people think. Ask the people making enquiries…

If they’re gushing in their praise and say things like

“We love your website. We wanted to find out if you are REALLY like that.”

Then your message is hitting home. The right people ‘get’ you.

But if the response is a bit more ‘meh’

“Yeah, looks good”

“I like the video of London”

Or, worst of all… “Great vans”

It’s time to re-think your message.

Put the hard work into it. Sorry, you’ve taken the ‘cheaper’ option.

Even if you THINK you’ve spent A LOT OF money on your marketing

You’ve made the same mistake as those people who choose cheap. Because…

You’ve spent that money in the wrong way…

And you deserve better. You’re one of the Good Guys in the Fire & Security industry. Your message HAS to be out there

But if you can’t articulate why you’re special

Why clients should choose you over that crowd down the road

In a short sentence or two… that hits home

You need help

And this is REALLY important

Because it won’t matter how well you spread your message

You’ll only get a ‘meh’ reaction.

So if you’ve cut corners on your messaging or chosen the cheap option with your marketing

What happens when your word of mouth runs dry? Or just isn’t enough anymore?

Would you be open to finding out if Lollipop is a good fit for your Fire & Security company?

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