WARNING! Google Is Not Your Friend

I was chatting with a Fire & Security professional recently. He’d been sent a Google voucher to get started on paid ads.


I didn’t want to rain on his parade. I didn’t want to be the voice of doom and gloom.


A Fire & Security company showed us a regular report from their Ads manager claiming lots of conversions. But the director wasn’t so sure that this data matched the number of enquiries he was receiving. 

Lollipop did an audit and added in some checks and balances.

He was right. He was spending a lot of money for ‘awareness’. But it wasn’t translating into site surveys. Worse still, he was paying for clicks on ads by people who were outside the locations he wanted to serve.


Google Ads for Fire & Security

Most of you are local businesses. You have a very small target audience. That can make it very hard for Google’s algorithm to get the data she needs to give you the best results.

And that means it can be an expensive mistake.

Even if you have things set up by an expert.

We wrote a little poem about it:

No matter what they tell you, Google’s not your friend
Her goal in life is really just to make you spend spend spend
She”ll send you special offers, cos you’re a V.I.P.
But it’s just a clever gambit to make you bid on P.P.C.

That’s Adwords to the rest of us mere mortals who will play
A game that’s stacked against us, the odds are you will pay
Being number one on Google parts your business from its cash
Your Cost Per Click bid payments increasing Google’s stash

She’ll offer you an expert to set things up for free
It seems like such a good idea to have a try and see
You’re sure you’ll get some good results cos they’ve got all the facts
But the gurus call this concept the Ads’ Stupidity Tax

Whilst Adverts can be brilliant in certain circumstances
It’s down to expert planning and not taking any chances
So don’t go at it blindly, use a trustworthy resource
Or it could be more expensive than a celebrity divorce

Lollipop – Keeping Tabs on Google so you don’t have to. 

Choose the right expert to manage your Fire & Security marketing.

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