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Wax On, Wax Off - The Pain Of PPC

by Jo Shaer, on April 13, 2016


A few months ago, I was getting my legs defuzzed and, as she applied the hot wax to my left shin, I made the mistake of asking the salon owner how business was.

The look on her face was rather alarming.

'It's terrible, I've just got a bill for £3000  on my credit card from using Google Adwords'

And then she pulled ferociously... and I felt her pain too!

As she applied the wax to my right shin, she said:

"I thought it was easy but I'm obviously doing it very wrong. Do you do any basic courses on using Pay Per Click so business owners don't get into debt?"

Naturally, I quickly answered in the affirmative to avoid a second dose of Adwords-induced pain - and started mentally creating one.

DIY or PPC Management - Business owners still feel the pain of PPC

A few weeks later, I was talking to a potential client in a kitchen showroom. He told me that his web designer had set up his PPC campaign but he wasn't sure if it was working and it was costing a lot of money.

One quick look revealed the large number of basic errors in the set up of his campaigns. The web designer clearly didn't have a clue what he was doing.

So, after hearing so many stories like this, it became imperative that we offer Adwords Training

Adwords Training for Business Owners - Your Place, Our Place or Online

If you would like to learn how to set up Google Adwords campaigns that won't break the bank, we now have a 121 PPC training consultation.

Google deliberately set up their dashboard so that it favours them making money rather than you making sales.

We can help you to advertise from a more even playing field and control how much you spend.

And, more importantly, with the right set up, you could pay less but still have your ad rank higher than your competitor.

After an Adwords  training session with us, one client was able to save £200/MONTH  in PPC management fees. That's £200 extra to put towards the daily budget for clicks rather than handing it out to some numpty who doesn't know the score.

A few weeks ago, Google reduced the number of advertising spaces available from 10 to 7 by removing the right hand side bar ads completely - now that's like playing an expensive game of musical chairs! Everyone thinks they just need to bid more - and so the possibility for debt begins.

But there's no need to feel the pain of PPC.  Some advertisers can get returns of at least 3x their original investment.

Click the link below to book your Adwords training consultation.

Google Adwords Vouchers

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