LinkedIn: Crap For Enquiries? Not For This Fire & Security Company

“LinkedIn’s crap,” a Fire & Security director told me. “It takes all day and doesn’t result in any worthwhile enquiries!”

Are you feeling the same frustration?

But why is that?


Could it be because you had no plan.? And no way to measure whether it was working?

Other Fire & Security professionals tell us that they employed a social media marketing agency.

But they still didn’t get any results.

Why your Social Media Marketing has failed so far…

It’s not surprising when you understand that the people who are creating and posting your updates are often 20 somethings.

You may have used your existing employees or outsourced to an agency. But the results are often the same.

Many young people may know lots about using Facebook or Snapchat as an individual. But most:

  • have very few social skills;
  • don’t own a home or a manage a business;
  • have no understanding of fire protection or security systems;
  • have never attended a networking event to interact with other business people ; and
  • have never had to try to sell anything.

When you try to complain to the agency, if they return your call, their reaction is to fob you off. Or tell you that you need to spend more to get actual results.

Sometimes, marketing your Fire & Security business really does feel like standing at the edge of a black hole and pouring your hard earned cash into it.

But everyone says how great social media is for generating leads. And you’re terrified to stop trying.

Social Media activity does result in website enquiries

So wouldn’t it be great if you got some genuine WEBSITE enquiries that actually began: Hi there, I noticed you on Linkedin.

Well, the image below  is a real life example.

fire and security enquiries saying i noticed you on linkedin

One of Lollipop’s Fire & Security clients received this through their website’s contact form.

And it could happen for you too.

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