Is Your Fire & Security Website Breaking The Rules?

There are lots of web designers starting up all over the country. This is great for Fire & Security professionals who want to buy based on price.

But, as you know from your own industry experience, the cheapest is not always the best.

Many of these companies are inexperienced. In both web design and business. Many do not know what is required by law for the websites of a limited company. Or to comply with GDPR.

They bash up a website quick as a flash. You, as the owner, are pleased at the speed and the price. But you don’t know that you could be breaking the rules.

Does your Fire & Security company’s name have Limited or Ltd at the end of it? You could be at risk.

How can you be sure that your website won’t get you into trouble?

What legal info should your website show about your limited company?


This is what Companies House says.

On business letters, order forms and websites, you must show:

  • the company’s registered number
  • its registered office address
  • where the company is registered (England and Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland)
  • the fact that it’s a limited company (usually by spelling out the company’s full name including ‘Limited’ or ‘Ltd’)
  • If you want to include directors’ names, you must list all of them
  • If you want to show your company’s share capital (how much the shares were worth when you issued them), you must say how much is ‘paid up’ (owned by shareholders).

These details don’t need to be on ALL the pages but they must be easy to find.

For Lollipop websites, we often use the Contact page to show the Limited company name, its registered number and place of registration plus its registered office.

GDPR implications for Fire & Security websites 

To comply with GDPR, you should also have a link on your website to your Privacy Policy. We usually put this in the footer, along with Cookie Policy, Terms of Website Use, etc. 

For GDPR, you also need to consider adding some wording under any contact forms on the website. This should link to your Privacy Policy so readers can find out more about what you will do with their contact details. And how they can unsubscribe. If you want to send marketing information, your contacts will need to have ‘opted in’.  

Take advice on this from a GDPR expert NOT just your website designer.

Why choose Lollipop for your Fire & Security website

We got several quotes, some of which were much cheaper… but we chose you because of your experience AND you seem so NORMAL… Dave Hopkins, RDS Fire & Security

We’ve been working with Fire & Security companies like yours  since 2010. The Directors we have met are full of passion, knowledge and experience.

You know the best ways to keep people and businesses safe. But the expertise is all in your heads. 

You told us that you don’t like writing it down. And you don’t have the time to craft a message about what makes you different from your competitors. 

Lollipop get this info out of YOUR HEAD and onto YOUR WEBSITE where your ideal customers can FIND it.

And we have the knowledge to ensure that your website:

  • stays within the rules;
  • attracts visitors who are your ideal customers;
  • says what your ideal customers want to hear;
  • makes it easy for your leads to make contact;
  • helps your Fire & Security company to get more new customers.

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How To Get More Fire And Security Clients