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Discover Precisely What To Blog About To Market Your Business

by Jon Law, on January 4, 2017

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A regular question from business owners and directors, when the topic of blogging pops up in conversation is

Yikes, what to blog about? No-one will be interested in that...?

Directors and CEOs are coming round to the idea that blogging has huge value to the business community, essentially being a free way to get qualified traffic.

However, in many cases, the task of blogging is allocated to the marketing department or a third party marketing provider. This type of blogger believes it is sufficient to upload posts solely about charitable donations, your latest product launches, new accreditations and employee events - traditional press release style articles aimed at broadcasting how great the company is. To them, that's what marketing does.

And when no enquiries or customers are forthcoming, it is decided that blogging is a waste of time and effort.

But how do you search online for answers?

Think about this logically. When you search online for a solution to your problem, can you honestly say that you would purchase from a company as a direct result of reading about their appearance in a local marathon?  It may support the evidence that they are good people but not how effective their product is at resolving your problem.

People struggle to understand what makes the best blog content.  

The best way forward is to create great content that allows Google to match up her searchers with your solution so she can send them to visit your website.  Then your content needs to persuade those new readers that you are the best choice to resolve their problem.  Here are some of the areas that we cover in our blogging training consultations. Click here to book yours.

Discovering what to blog about in 5 straightforward steps


1. Ideal client

 Ensure you have your buyer persona in mind and any relevant information to hand.

2. Pain points

Generally your ideal client is struggling with a dilemma, problem or some kind of issue and is desperately searching for a solution. They may be unaware of what the problem actually is let alone the solution. They just know they want it to stop and their life to get back on track.

Depending on your business, this may manifest as a slight bump in the road, a major life issue or something in between. They want help with their pain.

3. Solution

Obviously, your business has the perfect answer for your ideal client's predicament, you need to dress it up in an educational and appealing manner.

You need to bear in mind that your ideal client has probably not even heard of your company. They may not be aware of the ins and outs of the problem yet, let alone how you can help them.

People are researching the solution that is ideal for them. Help them to make that choice. Use your stories and experiences of previous customers.

4. Headline

Working from the pain point and your solution, all you need to do is develop an appropriate headline. Remember the headline is critical, you have a few characters, about 70 on a Google search result page, to draw your reader - your ideal client - in.

It needs to be snappy and interesting. 

5. Plan your post

You have something to work from now. All you need is

  • an opening paragraph or two to set the scene and touch on the problem
  • expand on the problem
  • suggest the solution, explain how it helps
  • suggest another solution
  • a testimonial, supporting your solution. You need only include a few words. 
  • round up the blog post

Of course, this outline is only an example. Your blog post plan will depend on the specifics of the pain and solution. This part is very flexible.

Businesses often struggle with suggesting a different solution than simply their own. This is understandable. You naturally want to sell your own products and services, not someone else's.

Providing balanced information is a great way to build trust with your readers. Besides, it's a great way to compare competing or alternative solutions on a level playing field. How often do supposedly like-for-like quotes favour the other proposal over yours? I'm sure we can all relate to the apples and oranges comparison!

So who is your ideal client and what are the pain points your product solves for them? There's your next blog post in the making. Who said it was difficult to find out what to blog about? Fast Lane To Business Growth IM Roadmap



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