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Why LinkedIn Linking Is  Important For Your Fire & Security Website Traffic

by Jo Shaer, on January 28, 2019


Many Fire & Security sales people don't realise that it is possible to link to your LinkedIn Company Page from your Personal Profile.

It's an important thing to do because:

  1. if you have filled out all the fields on your Company page, it allows your connections to get a better idea of the size and reputation of your company; and
  2. your LinkedIn Company Page has a direct link to your website so there is more chance of a person clicking over to your sales pages.  You can get more customers!


How to link to your Fire & Security Company Page on LinkedIn

In the Experience section of your Profile, after completing your title, you need to add in your Company name. Start to type in the name of your Company and - providing you have set up a Company Page on LinkedIn - it should appear in a drop down menu

Click your Company.

Fill out the rest of the details for your Company and then click the big blue Save button at the bottom right.

link-from-linkedin-profile-to-fire-security-company page

You can tell that you have done this successfully because the Company logo that you added on the LinkedIn Company Page should appear to the left of your Company name in that field.

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