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Why MDs Should Check Claims Of Google Adwords Certification

by Jo Shaer, on April 29, 2015



In an industry that has very little regulation, Lollipop Local has realised that we have to start helping business owners to sort the wheat from the chaff when it comes to SEO and Social Media providers.

We are not and never intend to be a PPC Agency. However, we do offer Google Adwords management as part of our service offering for our inbound marketing clients.

Paid advertising is just another cog in the wheel of your website as a marketing machine.

But it is an important one.

Only 3% of your target market know you exist

I was on a webinar a few months ago, I can't remember who it was or what it was about but the one thing that did stay with me was the shocking fact that only 3% of the people who desperately need your product or service are actively searching for it.

These potential customers have already made the decision that they want your product/service, that it provides the solution to the problem that has been troubling them.  Now, they just need to work out WHERE to buy it or, to put more forcefully, WHO to buy it from!

That 3% is the tiny proportion of people to whom most people in most industries are marketing.  They are the active shoppers who type in the exact match keywords or brand keywords that you have targeted in your PPC Ad Campaigns.

If those Campaigns have been set up correctly, this 3% is the small segment of the population who are going to give you the best results in Adwords.

Targeting the wrong people with Adwords

But a lot of Adwords Agencies will bring you back out to broad search, targeting the remaining 97% of the population with your precious budget.  Normally because their fee is based on a percentage of your Ad spend.  So, the more clicks your campaign generates, the more they get paid.

Broad match means that your ad will show a lot more often but not necessarily to the right people.

You may be told that they are 'learning the language of your target market', but there's a lot more to it than that.

Management Fees for no management

Then you get the Ad Agencies who will charge you a set monthly fee to manage your account.  They send you a monthly report that you don't understand but, because you seem to be getting lots of impressions and even some clicks, you think it's worth letting them carry on.

The figures you should be looking at are the costs per conversion or cost per acquisition.

Cost per conversion is the amount you have spent on your Adwords campaign divided by the number of conversions/sales.

Cost per acquisition is the amount you have spent on your Adwords campaign plus the cost of manufacturing your product divided by the revenue that has been acquired as a result of people clicking on your ad and purchasing from your website.

Your PPC agency should be looking at the stats and trying to reduce the cost per conversion and the cost per acquisition.  In some cases, after the initial set up, the agency takes the monthly fee without doing anything to improve the account.

If you are not getting a satisfactory return on your investment, then you need to be asking the right questions, because the only people making any money from your paid advertising are the managing agency and, of course, Google!

Google Adwords Certification

Over the last couple of years, the number of companies offering Adwords management has mushroomed. When Jon was running his martial arts school, he got caught out big time after he was cold called by a company who said they worked with Google.  

He paid them £100/month for many months without any return because every time he tried to leave, they neglected to cancel the direct debit on his bank card.  It took a call to the bank to get his money returned to him.

With more and more complaints about these scurrilous scammers,  Google implemented Google Partners and a Google Certification program which required those Partners to have passed an exam on using their platform effectively.

Google Partners Making It Harder For Scammers

What happened was that companies just added the badge to their websites, whether they had passed the exam or not!  

Others got one person to pass the exam so the Company could display the badge but then employed people who had not passed to manage their clients' accounts.

But now, Google has a way that you can check whether the person who is managing your PPC spend does actually have more than a passing knowledge of how to get the best return for you.

When you pass the exam, you can affiliate to your Company AND you can elect to show your personal Certification status on your Google Plus profile.  

So, although I have been managing PPC campaigns and teaching beginners for a couple of years now, it was only recently that I really saw the value of taking the time to pass this exam.

Now, if you Google my name and Google Adwords Certification, you can see the certificate on my Google Plus profile so you know that I have met Google's standards for working with their platform effectively - for the Search Network.

If you click on our Google Partner badge, it will take you through to our listing on the Google Partners Directory.

You can also search for Lollipop Local on the Google Partners Directory and find our listing.  

If your campaigns are being managed by a third party, you should check that they are approved suppliers by searching for them in the Directory.



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