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3 Reasons Why Traditional Marketing Is Pants

[fa icon="clock-o"] May 21, 2015 [fa icon="user"] Jo Shaer [fa icon="folder-open'] Inbound Marketing

There is no doubt about it, traditional marketing is not the power it once was. Gone are the days when 25 million people will sit down to watch the same television programme at the same time - well except in the US for the Superbowl, perhaps.   

The world wide web has changed so much of our lives - and it's not just the way we watch TV.


1. The Internet has changed how people buy stuff

The salesmen no longer have all the answers. We have a computer at our fingertips - be it a laptop, tablet or mobile phone. We have the power to research before we ever set foot in a store.  

The stats say that 81% of shoppers research online before buying (Retailingtoday.com) and 94% of B2B buyers research online before making purchase decisions (Acuitygroup.com)

2. No one wants to be bombarded by advertising

Despite what many web developers and advertisers think, we don't want to see adverts everywhere. This is shown by our attempts to escape sales media at every opportunity.

  • We screen our phone calls
  • We filter out spam emails
  • We block pop-ups when we surf the web
  • We record television on our hard drives and fast forward through the commercial breaks

3. To get noticed, business owners need to rise above all the noise

But you cannot do it by just shouting louder.  

The scattergun approach of traditional marketing meant throwing it out there at a time when it would get maximum exposure and hoping it would be seen by someone who was interested.  

But people don't want to be interrupted and distracted with marketing messages when they are being entertained. And, in 2015, they have the option to say so.

So, how can you get your business in front of those people who are ready to buy?

Inbound Marketing.  Use remarkable content to turn strangers who have never heard of you into customers.

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Jo Shaer

Written by Jo Shaer

If you want to grow your business by getting new customers, entering new global markets or increasing your reach on social media, you need to talk to Jo Shaer. She is a real person who cares passionately about the success of your business. Someone you can trust to do the right thing, not the easy thing. From small beginnings as a part time lollipop lady designing websites in her back bedroom, she has grown Lollipop to a limited company with its own office and 4 staff. And she did it using all the techniques that she employs successfully for her clients every day.

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