Why You Are Haemorrhaging Your Fire & Security Leads To Your Competitors

If you slice your finger whilst carving the Sunday roast, you will probably talk yourself out of an A&E visit. But if it is bad enough you’ll finally take a cab to the hospital. Stumble in and show the receptionist your damaged digit. Then what happens?

She looks you up and down. You’ve just failed the crucial test but you don’t know it yet.

Then she gives you a form on a clipboard and points you to some vinyl-covered chairs. You’re one of a hundred other people with minor symptoms. With your one good hand, you complete the form and take it back to her.

She says: “Have a seat!” 

Three hours later you’re still sitting there waiting to see a doctor.

Suddenly, a guy staggers in with his hand gripping the side of his neck. Blood is spurting from his jugular through clenched fingers and splattering the wall.

There was no thinking about it. He came straight to A&E. IMMEDIATELY.

There’s no clipboard for him. Nurses rush to him immediately. It’s a clear EMERGENCY.

What could be more urgent than a bleeding neck? It’s a problem that has to be solved right now! By experts.

So why am I being so graphic about this?

Because there’s a huge bleeding neck for Fire & Security companies.


So what is the ‘bleeding neck’ for Fire & Security professionals?

Lack of leads.

How do we know?

Because we asked you.

Over the last year we surveyed HUNDREDS of Fire & Security Systems company directors on LinkedIn.

The question was: “What’s the biggest problem you struggle with about your website?”

You said: leads

Over and over again. 

Leads are the  lifeblood of your business. Without leads you have no new customers. And your business will wither and die…

But it doesn’t stop there, it gets worse!

Did you know your website is haemorrhaging leads to your competitors?

Consumers and business owners who want a security system FAST are arriving on your website. They have their own bleeding necks.

A homeowner who has been burgled. He wants a professional to come and make his home and family safe ASAP.

A business owner is worried about GDPR fines because he doesn’t protect his data properly. He has a premises WITHOUT a monitored alarm.

But when those humans arrive on your site, they don’t call you. They don’t leave their details on your contact form.


Because your website says the same as your competitor

We’ve got a great reputation and we’ve been around for years.

Buy an alarm system or a CCTV

YAWN! Fire & Security websites ALL say that.

Ask yourself this question. Does YOUR website truly explain WHY your company is head and shoulders above your competitors?

Or are you just ASSUMING that it does?

If all the local websites have the same images and the same generic copy, YOUR LEAD can’t tell that you’re different.

Just like being in A&E, YOUR LEAD wants you to help quickly. To reassure that everything will be alright. To show you have the expertise to fix that particular bleeding neck.

But when there is no rush to show empathy, no authority, no competency. How does YOUR LEAD KNOW s/he can trust you?

“I’m hurting and I want to know I’m in the right place to get expert help!”

That neck is STILL BLEEDING.

And unless YOUR LEAD can see IN 2 SECONDS that you’re the guys with the answers…


Taking that bleeding neck away…

Like I said, YOU’RE haemorrhaging leads…

Eventually YOUR LEAD will find a Fire & Security COMPETITOR. One whose website makes it immediately obvious that they are the experts who will make everything better.

That’s the Fire & Security company who will book the site survey. AND they will create the quote to fix YOUR LEAD’S bleeding neck.

AND they will get a NEW CUSTOMER who will stay with THEM for 5-10 years.

Is it time you fixed YOUR bleeding neck?

Do you BELIEVE you are the #1 local Fire & Security company in your area?

Are you determined to help MORE homeowners and commercial buyers with bleeding necks? The ones that want to buy Fire & Security expertise immediately. 

Is YOUR neck LOSING enough blood to know you NEED to do something about it TODAY? 

Let’s see! Click the image below.

How To Get More Fire And Security Clients