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2 Reasons To Reassign Your Cold Calling Budget

by Jo Shaer, on May 17, 2016

inbound-marketing-not-cold-calling.jpgA glance through a recent edition of Which? magazine reveals that their campaign to stop nuisance calls and texts now has more than 300,000 supporters.

And they are clearly pleased to report that a couple of phone companies are trying to help people to eradicate the dreaded cold call.

BT and TalkTalk offer nuisance call blacklists

First, following on from TalkTalk's similar commitment, BT have announced that they will help to stop cold callers by launching a new nuisance call blocking service later this year. Chief Executive of BT, John Petter, branded nuisance calls one of the great annoyances of modern life.

Is it time to give up on telemarketing as your primary lead generation method?

BT estimates that the new service will block up to 25 million unwanted calls EVERY WEEK! They will analyse and monitor calls to their 10 million customers and add any rogue numbers to a blacklist which will then be diverted to a junk voice box. The blacklist will be expanded if lots of their customers identify unwanted numbers and users can also create a personal blacklist.

Samsung Galaxy adds built in call-screening

And soon Brits will be able to stop cold calls with a screening option on their mobile phones too! Whitepages - a caller ID company - will provide Samsung Galaxy S7 users with the ability to view the name of a business that may be calling - even if the number isn't stored in your own contacts list on the phone. If other users have reported a number as a scam or nuisance call, this will be displayed, giving you the option to decline the call.

Better still, the Whitepages app can be downloaded by both iPhone and Android users in the US and there are plans to expand into the UK too. I cannot see it listed on the Play Store as yet, but there do look to be several other apps offering this type of service.

Certainly something to look into if you're fed up with unwanted calls about that accident you haven't had or someone trying to sell your business SEO or website visitor monitoring software...

Whilst most people will be jumping for joy at the thought of the death of cold calling, it will strike fear into the hearts of others.

Where will you get your leads now? How else can you achieve a steady stream of qualified leads?

How to continue to generate leads when cold calling dies

One change calls for another, it's time to re-evaluate how you approach lead acquisition. With technology blocking your outbound efforts, it's time to get serious about your inbound strategy. 

What's inbound?

Well, it's pretty much the direct opposite of cold-calling.

Telesales involves cold calling people on the off chance that they might be interested in something you're trying to sell. Then, you list all of the benefits the product or service has, without a care for whether the person needs or wants it.

It's the type of hard sell that people are asking their telephone companies to protect them from!

Whilst these calls can be successful if you call someone at exactly the moment they are considering making that purchase, there are better ways to reach that person at the precise point in time.

Inbound makes it easy for people to FIND you when they have a problem that your product or service can solve. Then, you can help them educate themselves until they're ready to buy.

It makes for a much easier sale, because you know they are interested in the product/service you are selling.

Buyer Behaviour Has Changed - You Need To As Well

Buyer behaviour has changed and today's consumers want to research before they get anywhere near a sales person. So why not just make sure your website appears when they make those searches?

Click the image below and find out how you can attract the right visitors to your site - get your ideal customers to come to you!


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