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Writing Website Copy For Your Customer Not Yourselves

by Jo Shaer, on November 15, 2015

We've been working with several engineering and manufacturing companies to get the wording on their website right. This is a critical part of your website design and promotion. Get it right and you stand head and shoulders above the competition. Get it wrong and you will fade into the background, unnoticed and ignored.

writing website copy for your customer
This post will give you some guidance and 3 fabulous takeaways, so you can get it right!

Talking to machines is easy

Whilst you can design the most amazingly intricate components and write programmes to produce beautifully tooled end products, writing website copy is often not your forte. Perhaps marketing to humans is not as easy as it seems. Here's some common errors

  • You're just not very good at bigging yourselves up
  • You don't address the most pressing questions your target customers have
  • You only talk to your website visitors who are actively ready to buy
  • You just copied what the competition say

This was shown into sharp relief recently when we looked at the website for the recently defunct SSI Steel plant in Redcar. It didn't actually say how good British Steel is or talk about the quality of British workmanship in comparison to cheap foreign imports. That's the sort of copy that differentiates a business and may persuade people to consider your stuff rather than that of your competitor.

You business is remarkable, you know what makes you special but, unless you talk about it on your website, you're hiding your light under a bushel and won't stand out from the crowd.

Me, me, me is not customer focused

However, there is still a right way and a wrong way for writing website copy!  Talking about us, we and our incessantly does not cut it for any visitor, especially those potential customers who are not ready to buy yet - around 67% of your target audience!

These visitors are still researching and whilst they want the reassurance of knowing what makes you different from your competitors, at this point in their buyer's journey, they are more focused on whether you can actually resolve their specific problem.

website copy that makes your customer jump for joy
Work out what there problems are, think about the questions that you get regularly asked and then answer as if you are talking to those visitors.  Use the word YOU so they feel as if you are addressing them directly.

Think about where they might be in the buyer's journey as there might be more than one answer to the question they are asking. Ideally, you will produce different content for people at different stages of the buyer's journey.

Writing website copy that makes a difference

Apply the following three takeaways to the copy on your website and you will be doing a lot better than the vast majority of the competition. 

  • make the copy shout about YOU rather than me, us, we or our 
  • create specific pages for different stages in the biuyer's journey and alter the copy accordingly
  • be bold and declaratory! Add substance to claims of greatness, use testimonial snippets and anecdotes to illustrate a point

It takes more effort, time and invention to avoid the obvious, self-referential website copy but be bold enough to stand out from your competition. The copy will resonate with your visitors and they will like your website more as a result.

Aside from the copy, there are other ways manufacturing websites fail. There's a tendancy to pay lip service to getting the website ready for your visitors. A great design will get you the first wow but then you need to keep the wows coming. 

Download your free ebook by clicking below and take the quick and easy tests to see how well your website stacks up. You will be surprised!


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