Get More B2B Fire & Security Sales – Know Your Ideal Commercial Customer

In a perfect world every single person who arrives on your Fire & Security website would be a great prospect. They would all want Fire Safety and/or Security Systems.

But this is not a perfect world and that is not the reality of the traffic that is coming to your Fire & Security website. 

The biggest mistake we see is trying to appeal to EVERYONE. You end up pleasing NO ONE.

So, decide who your ideal commercial Fire & Security customer is! And focus…


Your target customer defines which companies are most likely to need fire protection or commercial security systems. 

Your target job roles are the people working at those companies who will need to purchase your Fire & Security systems. These individuals are called your Buyer Personas.

Making A List… of Target Customers

So how do YOU identify the best target customers for YOUR Fire & Security company? They are likely to have the following qualities in common:

  • They need and want Fire Safety and/or Security Systems
  • They are going to buy from you
  • They are going to be happy with what they buy from you
  • They will tell their peers about buying from you
  • They will keep buying from you

Here are some other things to consider:

  • Think about who your current best customers are.
  • What type of business do you find it easiest to work with?
  • Who needs you the most?
  • Which companies and situations do you specialise in?
  • And, most importantly, Show Me The Money!!!  There’s little point in choosing a target customer that won’t help you to achieve your business growth goals. Don’t get involved in a race to the bottom where the overriding factor will be price.

Compile your list of Target Customers. These are potential businesses in your town who fit. Those with office premises or factories or warehouses. Is there a particular industry that you specialise in?

Who’s Your Buyer Persona?

Remember this is the job role most likely to make the purchase of your systems.

In most cases, Fire & Security installers will be trying to identify the MDs, directors or owners of physical businesses in their area. But there may be other job titles involved with the research and purchase of these systems.

These individuals will be in need of fire and security protection for their premises. But they may also need advice for their homes.

Does your website talk to these people?

So you’ve identified your Target Customer list AND developed your Buyer Persona. Now look at the copy on your website. Does it:

  1. speak to these companies and job roles?
  2. talk about their Fire & Security problems?
  3. highlight the solutions you can offer?
  4. make it easy for your visitor to contact you?

Turn your website into your best sales person. With a clear and specific message for your visitors.

How to get more B2B Buyers to your website

Well, where do most B2B buyers hang out?


Go onto LinkedIn and start searching for your Target Customers’ Company Pages.  

You can then view which personnel work for these companies and work out who is most likely to be your Buyer Persona in that company. 

Issue a connection request. And make sure you Add A Note to make it more personal.

Then you can use LinkedIn to start connecting and building relationships with these potential customers.

Focus your efforts on your buyer persona. Don’t get distracted! Do they fit the profile you established right at the start of this blog post?

Stick with the programme. This will give the maximum benefit from the time you are spending on LinkedIn.

You will always be connecting with and talking to the right people.

And any status updates you publish should:

  1. be crafted specifically for your Buyer Persona. 
  2. show EMPATHY and AUTHORITY.
  3. AND ALWAYS link back to the MOST RELEVANT PAGE on your website.

You want your targets to put their hand up and say:

“This update is talking about me! This company really understands my problems with Fire Safety and Security. And they seem to have a lot of sensible solutions.”

Your goal is to make them Know, Like and Trust you enough to click on one of your updates and go through to your website.

Or, better still, to private message YOU on LinkedIn about how you can help them.

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