Do you have capacity for more Fire & Security leads?

Qualified. Exclusive. Ready to call!

Really! Leads are qualified before you receive them. And they only come to one company. YOURS!

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When Lollipop say qualified…

You will be sent leads who’ve told us things like:

A colleague was burgled. And I don’t want it to happen to me. I’m interested in CCTV and a Burglar Alarm. And I want to get started ASAP.

Genuine lead from Essex. Identity hidden for GDPR.

When Lollipop say exclusive…

We mean it. You’ll never be in a race with 3 other Security Companies. We only ever send your leads to you.

Sounds good. BUT…

I bet you’ve heard it all before.

Because everyone selling leads says the same thing.

Our leads are Qualified & Exclusive

You’ve been burnt before. Stuck in a contract. Obliged to take anything deemed qualified.

And that usually means anyone or any business from London to John O’Groats and everywhere in between.

You try following up. But it’s a complete waste of time.

You can’t get hold of people. AND if you do, every Tom, Dick and Harry has already called them.


Perhaps you’ve spent £10,000, £20,000 or more. But only ended up with 2 or 3 jobs that pan out…

You’ve been burned and now you’re only prepared to spend your money wisely…

And that’s why you need a totally new concept in lead generation for the Fire & Security industry

Lollipop provide that. Leads that are QUALIFIED and EXCLUSIVE to single Fire & Security companies. Guaranteed!

We're a simple outfit with cutting-edge software and Pay Per Lead systems.

Systems meticulously crafted through trial and error. AND field-tested by hundreds of thousands of pounds of ad spend. It really works!

Since 2010 we've generated an endless supply of leads for Fire & Security Companies.  Qualified. Exclusive. Ready to call! AND worth £millions...

Qualified and exclusive is why our Pay Per Lead system consistently outperforms the flimsy competition! 

Lollipop Lady - With Circle & Sign & Karate Belt & LeadsLollipop are passionate about Fire & Security leads.

It all started after Jo had rolled around on a karate mat with the Sales Director of a Kent-based Fire & Security company. He asked: "We need more leads. Is that something you can help us with?"

It was. Lollipop were already generating leads in other industries.

So we did. Lollipop's crack team of field-proven digital lead generation experts got started.  We applied the wizardry of SEO, creative Ads, copywriting, social media expertise and much more to the Fire & Security industry...

The Sales Director was delighted with his leads. We crossed them and he knocked them in. It was a win/win situation.

And from these humble beginnings, our Pay Per Lead system was born.

But how do YOU know you can trust us to do what we say? 

Well, when Jo first started the company, she really was a lollipop lady - it's where the name came from. Her first customers were the local business owners that she saw across the road every morning, along with the school children.

Everyone knows you can trust a Lollipop Lady. 

PLUS this one has a Risk-Free Trial with a black belt guarantee!

Risk-Free Trial with a black belt guarantee

All the risk is on us. We deliver the leads you have ordered... or you get your money back!

It’s not like Digital Marketing where you are locked into a retainer. And have no idea how many leads you’ll get each month. Essentially, you're paying for whatever you are given!

Instead: You tell us how many leads you want. Pay the invoice. And we send them to you.

It’s not like regular, second-rate lead generation where you're fighting with every Tom, Dick and Harry. Over useless leads. Essentially, you are paying for rubbish!

Instead our black belt leads answer heavyweight qualifying questions based on what leads are best suited to you.

Your leads ARE exclusive. Your leads pass the stringent qualifying questions. Your leads are sent to you and only you.

Because this black belt Lollipop Lady is passionate about winning!

Your Risk-Free Trial

Most companies start with a risk-free trial of 30-50 qualified, exclusive leads. If you want to get started, fill out the form. We're waiting to deliver you your exclusive, qualified leads.

Alternatively. If you're not ready yet, find out about our commitment to quality in the Black Belt guarantee.



I want exclusive leads!

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