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    Will They Know If I Disconnect Or Remove A Connection On LinkedIn?

    Will they know if I disconnect or remove a connection on LinkedIn? When I first began on LinkedIn, I accepted some invitations from people that I did not know, who came from outside the UK.
    Jo Curtis, Women In Business Networking Events in Essex

    How Do I Delete Pending Recommendation Requests On LinkedIn? Updated for 2017

    If you've done a great job for someone, it's a good idea to ask them for a LinkedIn recommendation.

    However, not everyone reads their messages on LinkedIn and these recommendation requests can stay pending for a while - unless you give a nudge.

    How Do I Find Pending Recommendation Requests on LinkedIn?

    In the 2017 version, LinkedIn have made it even harder than previously.

    Go to your private message inbox.

    Search for the name of the person you asked to give the recommendation.

    In the messages that have passed between you, you will see the one that talks about the recommendation and includes a link.

    Click that link and it will take you through to all your pending recommendation requests.

    How To Update LinkedIn Profile Without Everyone Thinking I Have A New Job - Updated for 2017

    Every time you update your LinkedIn profile, a notification goes out in the newsfeed. Invariably it will tell all your friends that you have a new job and suggest that they congratulate you!

    Facebook Milestones

    What are Facebook Milestones?

    How Do I Get My Maiden Name In Brackets On Facebook?

    At one of our training sessions, I was asked how to deal with the issue of adding your maiden name to Facebook. 

    Those who don't know how to do it resort ot calling themselves Jane Blogs was Smith as their main name but there is a simple way to get the desired Jane Blogs (Smith) layout.

    Other Name or Maiden Name in Brackets on Facebook

    Add An Email To LinkedIn and Make It Primary


    An attendee of one of our Southend social media training consultations asked how to add an email to LinkedIn and then make it the login address.

    Well, it's simple really.

    Add an email to LinkedIn

    First you need to hover over the little picture of you at the top right of the navigation bar. Where it says 'Me'.

    Now select  Settings & Privacy from the drop down menu.

    You will now see three tabs - Account, Privacy and Communications.

    It should automatically be on the Account tab.

    Click where it says Email addresses

    How To Stop Pinterest Email Notifications In 5 Simple Steps: 2017

    We've put together an infographic to show you how to stop Pinterest email notifications in 5 easy steps! You might be asking yourself why you would want to disable the email notification feature...

    From the minute that you sign up, Pinterest will start sending you daily notifications. This is highly frustrating when you start to lose important client conversations under a mountain of Pinterest emails that are put straight into your primary inbox! It's better to stop them sooner rather than later...

    This doesn't mean that you won't ever be able to view your notifications, it just means that you have to log into your Pinterest account to view your notifications, like Facebook.

    See our infographic below for clear and easy instructions!

    How To Use LinkedIn's Skills And Endorsements - Updated March 2017

    Skills and Endorsements is a very important part of your LinkedIn profile. It's one of the top four places where you should be using your key words and phrases to help LinkedIn and your connections to understand what it is that you do. And it's a great way to start conversations with your connections.

    However, many people don't really understand how to use it. In fact, some of them will actively opt out of being involved at all. They don't want to see LinkedIn's suggestions about people they might want to endorse as being good at what they do and they don't want to see notifications or emails about endorsements that other connections have given to them.  And emails about endorsements clog up their inbox.

    Opting out of LinkedIn's Skills And Endorsements - but should you?

    Back in May 2014, LinkedIn had received enough complaints about their Skills and Endorsements feature to warrant the inclusion of an opt out feature. And this option is still there in the March 2017 update.

    Scroll down to the Skills and Endorsements section of your profile and click View ** more. The box will open up to reveal all your other skills. Scroll down to the bottom and click Adjust endorsement settings.

    A pop up will now appear so you can mange how you receive and give endorsements.

    Click the button and it will change from Yes to No. 

    Be aware that if you click No for 'I want to be endorsed', the other options will disappear. Just click again so it becomes Yes and they will reappear.

    You also have the option for:

    Include me in endorsement suggestions to my connections
    Show me suggestions to endorse my connections

    Personally, I will agree to be endorsed and included in the endorsement suggestions - this brings you back to the top of mind for your connections.

    I think I will continue to see the suggestions to endorse my connections - it seems only fair if I am asking to be endorsed myself. And, again, if that person is notified that you have endorsed them, it keeps you top of mind.

    The option for Send me notifications via email when my connections endorse me has disappeared in 2017.  In some ways this is a good thing as it did rather clutter up my inbox. You now receive a notification - in the notifications part of your dashboard. I fear these may get lost amongst all the other entries. However, LinkedIn has been very clear in its encouragement that you should start a conversation by saying thanks.

    Previously LinkedIn would email the person concerned to tell them and ask if they would like to reciprocate.

    So they would go onto LinkedIn and endorse you and maybe some other connections.

    LinkedIn would email the other connections you had endorsed and ask them if they would like to return the favour... You get the picture?

    For LinkedIn, it was all about increasing traffic to their site and building engagement. I am not sure whether notifications will have the same effect.


    How to use LinkedIn's Skills and Endorsements Function

    How To Personalise Your LinkedIn Invitations To Connect

    The new version of LinkedIn for 2017 has brought a whole raft of changes to the way that we use the platform to connect. The most notable of these is that it is possible to personalise your connection requests - even if the prospect is a complete stranger to you.

    How To Remove Birthday From LinkedIn Profile - 2017 Update

    The new updated LinkedIn layout is slowly rolling out across the UK and users should be aware that they may now be displaying their birthday on their profile - even though you had previously selected to show it only to yourself.

    Of course, the new layout means that my previous blog post on the subject is now obsolete. So here's how to remove birthday from LinkedIn profile in 2017. 

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