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A Fabulous Birthday Lunch In Leigh On Sea

by Jo Shaer, on April 12, 2014

I had a day off today - for my birthday :)

And a late lunch at the fantastic Sand Bar and Seafood Restaurant in The Broadway, Leigh-on-Sea.

With Jon - a vegan!

The clue is in the title - it's the Sand Bar and Seafood Restaurant. And my children and I made the most of the octopus, salt cod and pork on offer.

Jon with Louise from Sand Bar and Seafood Restaurant in Leigh on SeaBut the wonderful Louise made Jon a vegan starter and main course that had him almost licking both plates. He wrote about it on his own vegan blog here

That's what you want from a restaurant. The ability to cater for anyone who comes through the doors, no matter what their food preference or whether they have an allergy to certain ingredients.

And then there was the ice cream.

Chai latte and limoncella, baileys and chocolate chip, Malibu, coconut and white chocolate. I could not decide.

So, naturally, I had a scoop of all three - and polished off the lot. It came with candles and a rousing chorus of Happy Birthday from the staff.

Starters for four, main courses for four, one large bowl of ice cream, a bottle of wine, a beer and coffee - the bill came to a very reasonable £86

I have to admit to a vested interest in this restaurant as The Sand Bar has taken some of my social media training. We were recently able to gain control of a Facebook Places page which had been created without their knowledge because customers had checked in so often on their mobile phones.

By claiming it and making it into a proper Facebook page, the owner is able to post images of their gorgeous culinary creations and the customers are now able to both check in and leave reviews. Important factors in the decision when new diners choose whether to take the plunge for an important occasion.

It's also where we have our monthly Women In Business lunches in Leigh on Sea and Louise always makes sure that she has a varied set menu for us to choose from - complete with an option for my pepper allergy.

If you would like to know more about using Facebook for your business, read our Welcome to Facebook post or come on one of our Facebook courses.

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