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Amy Porterfield's Dirty Dozen Facebook Mistakes - Profile or Page

by Jo Shaer, on July 11, 2013

profile or page - amy porterfield Facebook MistakesI watched a very interesting webinar by Amy Porterfield, the author of Facebook Marketing for Dummies, recently where she listed her Dirty Dozen - the top 12 Mistakes that many Facebook users perpetrate on a daily basis.

1. Most people are perplexed with whether to choose Facebook profiles or pages

I come across this a lot when I talk to business owners and also when I'm actively using Facebook. It really gets my goat to see businesses using personal profiles on Facebook. It gives them an edge over their competitors because they are able to communicate direct with the profiles of their 'friends', whilst a business page is restricted to having to wait for 'fans' to message them or comment on their wall.

Your profile is your personal persona and is not intended for monetary gain, although it can still be used for business providing you don't annoy your friends by continually posting special offers and business-related status updates.

A page is for your business to engage, promote and sell - but you can still engage in a little fun and in many cases, the most interaction and virality can be achieved by posting a mixture. A fun photo or graphic that relates to your particular product or service.

If you have made the mistake of creating a Facebook Profile for your business but don't want to lose all the friend you have accumulated, it is possible to change the profile to a business page and turn all those friends into fans. Find out how to convert your profile to a page post timeline.

The truth is that YOU NEED BOTH a personal profile and a business page. Sure, you can still have a business page if you don't want a personal profile on Facebook but it has to be set up in a specific way and will have less functionality than one which has been set up from a personal profile.

Many people try to have two logins to Facebook - one for their personal life and another for their business. This contravenes Facebook's terms and conditions. You can only have one login - for a personal profile and from which you create your business pages or for a business account, with which you can have no personal interactions with friends.

You can have a button with a subscribe button on your personal profile so that people can see your public status updates without actually being your friend but for most people, their personal profile is likely get more engagement than their business page to start with.

Disadvantages of Relying on Just a Facebook Personal Profile for marketing

However, there are a couple of major disadvantages to only having a personal profile:

You cannot target your friends via fb ads, only the fanbase that has been generated by your business Page.

You cannot create optin opportunities on your profile to generate leads. Those apps just underneath the cover image on a Business Page are a chance to offer great free content which helps to build trust and encourage people to sign up for different opportunities. This is your list building strategy and most marketers will encourage you to gather email addresses so that you can market to them via different media in the future. You don't want to keep all your eggs in the one Facebook basket.

So, as you can see, it is important to have both a Personal Profile and a Facebook Business Page so that you can mix things up.

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