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by Jo Shaer, on January 5, 2014

lollipop local headerYou may have noticed on Friday that our website was down for maintenance.

It was a site that I put together using my very basic Wordpress skills three years ago. Some of you will remember our neon phase where all the links were in dayglow colours. It made our pages look like a box of highlighting markers.

Then we had a brand overhaul thanks to the lovely Julie at Icicle Design. She took my vision of the lollipop lady directing social media symbols across a search engine road and brought it to life in the header image.

Beginning to struggle...

The site itself was always basic but, as time went on, it clunked and groaned every time we wanted to make it look a bit more appealing visually. Having said that, its SEO capabilities were instrumental in bringing us new customers through search. We just kept on getting found.

Potential clients from across the UK kept saying 'I thought you'd be bigger because you're on the front page of Google!' And that's the key to it. We could get found both locally AND nationally. This was down to the great keyword research plan from Jon and my own prolific blogging. When they said content was going to be the next big thing for ranking, you can imagine how excited I got!

But feedback from others meant that we knew we needed a new site. The rather home-made look of the site just wasn't cutting it any more. People liked what we were saying but were being put off by the user experience. On PCs, laptops, tablets and mobiles.

So, after over a year of gestation and nearly a month actually in labour, with the help of the extraordinarily patient Mathew, we now have a shiny new website to start the first working week of 2014.

If you notice any typos, please, please, give us a call

Responsive Design

It's responsive! That means it shrinks down so that the sections of content move down underneath each other to accommodate the size of the screen viewing it. And, in 2014 and onwards, that's going to be a major factor for ranking. You just have to be good smart phones these days.

We've tried to stick with a traffic directing theme using calls to action that are similar to motorway signs.

But at the heart of everything is the lollipop lady.

She is the symbol that ensures we continue to explain everything in simple language and keep you safe on the world wide web.

Thanks to all our clients over the last three years who have allowed us to demystify the internet for them.

We're looking forward to getting you even more customers this year and working with some more of our own.

Social Media for the masses

We have several social media training courses planned for this quarter - on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. And Jon will be running the first Blogging For Beginners workshop.

But, as ever, the core of our business is getting people found online - without upsetting the ever changing rules of Google and Facebook. We invest a lot of time, money and energy to ensure that we keep up with the latest algorithm updates through the guidance of the best respected experts.

Onwards and upwards!!!

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