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by Jo Shaer, on May 29, 2011

An article by Mark Jackson on Search Engine Watch cites two case studies on doing the right SEO thing. Whether you're looking at Local SEO or SEO for businesses who …

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Topics:seo-for-businessSEO For Businesssearch-engine-optimisationLocal SEO

by Jo Shaer, on May 25, 2011

I've been told by a number of business owners recently that they don't need my services because they are already on the front page of Google. But it really depends …

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Topics:Local Social Media Optimisationim-on-the-front-page-of-google-why-do-i-need-more-SEO For BusinessSocial Media and SEOLocal SEO

by Jo Shaer, on May 23, 2011

But it was there yesterday! Right in the middle of the front page... and now my website doesn't show at all! My client had been a victim of The Google …

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Topics:Local SEO

by Jo Shaer, on May 20, 2011

Social Search is a term with which not many of us outside the US are familiar... but it's going to become a very well-worn phrase in the future. A few …

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Topics:what-is-social-searchsocial-sharingsocial-searchgoogle-and-twitterSocial Media and SEObing-and-facebook

by Jo Shaer, on May 18, 2011

Bookmarking sites There’s absolutely tons of bookmarking sites out there and I’ve not really bothered with them much other than to put links to my posts and articles. That’s not …

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Topics:Bloggingsocial mediaLocal Social Media Optimisationblogging toolSocial Media For MarketingSocial Media OptimisationblogSocial Media For BusinessSocial-bookmarking-sitesDiigowhat-is-diigosocial-bookmarkingSocial Media and SEObookmarking

by Jo Shaer, on May 17, 2011

Have been having great fun with Stupeflix over the weekend and taking my first steps at making videos about Social Media Optimisation Essex. Basically, you just have to select your …

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Topics:Local Social Media Optimisationsocial-media-optimisation-essex

by Jo Shaer, on May 13, 2011

Well, sure you could do it yourself. Wordpress is a very easy platform to set up so you could design your own website, but you do know there are two …

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Topics:Local Social Media OptimisationMobile Website DesignLocal SEO

by Jo Shaer, on May 12, 2011

There are a lot of backlink builders out there. People offering to get you to the top of Google by creating a complex network of links all leading back to …

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Topics:Local SEO

by Jo Shaer, on May 11, 2011

It was on the News yesterday. Microsoft have purchased Skype for £5.2bn. I'm a bit behind the times because I've only just started using Skype - for conversing with friends …

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Topics:Google PlacesMobile PhonesLocal SEO

by Jo Shaer, on May 6, 2011

Ugh! I hate rogue 'Z's on a British website but, sadly, needs must when you're dealing with a technical word. As much as I would prefer to spell it Optimisation, …

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Topics:Local Social Media Optimisation

by Jo Shaer, on May 5, 2011

A great post and graphic from the Marketing Sherpa Blog showing the effectiveness of social media marketing tactics against their degree of difficulty. Putting your social media symbols at the …

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