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by Jo Shaer, on December 30, 2011

Another infographic on Social Media for Business, this time listing the Dos and Don'ts from Writing Program PTW Social Media For Business - The Dos Have a Plan before you …

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Topics:Social Media For Business

by Jo Shaer, on December 29, 2011

This fabulous infographic from FlowTown via Search Engine Journal really clarifies what Twitter is about for business owners who are slightly confused. Use Twitter For Business There are two ways …

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Topics:TwitterSocial Media For Businesstwitter for business

by Jo Shaer, on December 27, 2011

Figures from the US on social media for business from Constant Contact, who surveyed 2000 small businesses to investigate their attitudes to social media marketing. According to their statistics, 81% …

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Topics:Social Media For Businesssocial media for small business

by Jo Shaer, on December 26, 2011

With thanks to PR Daily for this infographic on Who's Using Google Plus. It looks like it's mid-range salary males aged 25-34 in the US, followed by their counterparts in …

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by Jo Shaer, on December 25, 2011

Further to my recent post on Selling Social Media to Company Executives, for big businessmen, it's all about the cash. Show Me The Money!!! as Jerry MacGuire would have said …

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Topics:Social Media For Business

by Jo Shaer, on December 24, 2011

"Should I take out a paid advertisement with [one of the local listing directories]. I have until Monday to make up my mind if I want to take advantage of …

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Topics:Google PlacesLocal SEO

by Jo Shaer, on December 23, 2011

At first glance it looks like a bit of a 'dry' report - lots of close writing and long words and with a title that includes the word Complexity, I …

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Topics:FacebookSEO For BusinessSocial Media and SEO

by Jo Shaer, on December 22, 2011

As part of the SEO Moz Ranking Factor Survey, 132 industry experts agreed that social signals at page level and domain level were listed at numbers 2 and 3 only …

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Topics:Social Media and SEO

by Jo Shaer, on December 21, 2011

Great infographic about the importance of online reviews in the US. [540SEO::SEO experts and local search optimization specialists] Add this graphic to your site …

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by Jo Shaer, on December 20, 2011

The more I am involved with getting businesses online, the more I support the Keep It Local campaign. So it saddened me to read this report in WebProNews about an …

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Topics:Local SEO

by Jo Shaer, on December 19, 2011

It was the lovely Ray who handles IT Support Essex who did a fabulous presentation on how to keep your computer safe from virus threats and, amongst a lot of …

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Topics:Webmistress HostingSocial Media OptimisationLocal Business Marketing

by Jo Shaer, on December 18, 2011

Love these views posted on Mashable of eye tracking software to see where people look most on popular social networks. Using the webcams of 30 participants, EyeTrackShop helped Mashable to …

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Topics:social media

by Jo Shaer, on December 17, 2011

A friend was complaining recently that she could no longer like anyone's Pages and this turned out to be the answer. Facebook allows each personal profile to have up to …

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Topics:FacebookFacebook Personal page Friends and Page Likes

by Jo Shaer, on December 16, 2011

I am indebted to The Next Web for this infographic on Social Sharing Trends. Highlighted is the explosion of sharing through both Tumblr and the address bar, far exceeding the …

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Topics:Googlesocial media

by Jo Shaer, on December 14, 2011

A new client and a YouTube account with lots of lovely content all ready to be optimised but I either needed to change the youtube email or the primary Google …

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Topics:Googlechange youtube emailYouTube

by Jo Shaer, on December 11, 2011

Fabulous infographic about the growth of QR codes from JumpScan …

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Topics:social mediaqr codesSocial Media For Business

by Jo Shaer, on December 11, 2011

This week I discovered that there are all sorts of iTunes Windows 7 problems, many of which involve the dreaded BEX error. I wanted to upload some mp3s of webinars …

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Topics:Mobile Phonesitunes windows 7 problems

by Jo Shaer, on December 10, 2011

"But you don't even rank for Lollypop Local - your own name!" He declared incredulously down the telephone, leaving me scuttling to to check out what on earth had …

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Topics:Lolly LocalLocal SEO

by Jo Shaer, on December 9, 2011

You'll hear about Search Engine Optimisation from every online marketer and his wife but the truth is that, if you want your website to succeed, you will need to establish …

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Topics:SEO StrategySearch Engine OptimisationSEO For BusinessLocal SEO

by Jo Shaer, on December 8, 2011

The problem is that business owners are scared of people selling Google Places SEO in the UK. They've had other SEO salesmen on the phone and received numerous marketing emails …

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Topics:Google PlacesSEO For BusinessGoogle My Business

by Jo Shaer, on December 5, 2011

Really enjoyed this article about how to decide whether you are designing your website in the right font Apparently, there is something called the Golden Ratio which helps you to …

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Topics:Web DesignMobile PhonesMobile Website Design

by Jo Shaer, on December 3, 2011

In late October 2010, Bing and Yahoo! joined forces to combine their 11% and 22% market shares and take over a third of the search market volume. With the dominance …

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Topics:Local Social Media Optimisationseo-for-businessSEO For Businesslocal-seo

by Jo Shaer, on December 2, 2011

Anita Campbell, a small business marketing expert was talking about using Facebook for business live on the Social Media Examiner wall today. I have added in a few of my …

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