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Automated Tweeting and Posting - The Pitfalls

by Jo Shaer, on November 12, 2012

Apart from the fact that Facebook are currently penalising status updates that are made using a third party - Buffer, Networked Blogs, Tweetdeck, etc - by not showing them even to those people who regularly engage with their pages, there is another very good reason for using these applications with care.

Yes, you can choose to schedule what day, date and time you want these to go out but it is a good idea to also check that there is not an important religious or other national event occurring at that date and time.

There are articles in the news today on the way that Jeremy Clarkson and the Top Gear team were put into a very awkward situation when an automated tweet hit the mobile phones of their followers during the Two Minute Silence on Sunday.

It was made even more embarrassing by the fact that the presenter himself had insisted that people should all observe the Silence, instructing anyone in a car to pull over.

And people were certainly quick to alert him to the faux pas.

I'm certainly not gloating because I can see how it would be a very easy mistake to make. I put a lot of my own content into Buffer which goes out four times a day. I'm quite sure it is only due to the fact that I had not updated my Buffer list as I was away for the weekend that I was not tweeting then too.

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