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Black Belt Blogging - 1000 Posts

by Jo Shaer, on April 27, 2015

black-belt-blogging-1000-postsSo, here it is!

The 1000th post on the Lollipop Local blog.

I started the blog on Lollipop Local in February 2011 and you can read my first post here.

But I was not a newbie to blogging even then.

Black Belt Blogging

I first began blogging on a karate forum back in 2004. I found that writing down everything I had learned at seminars allowed me to work my way through the techniques and find the ones that would work for me and exclude the ones that would not.

No point practising stuff that doesn't work! Which is one of the strengths that eventually earned a 45-year-old mother of two a black belt after five years of training.

So my reaction to the discovery of online marketing was never going to be any different. Every time I had a question, I turned to Google. If the answer was not immediately obvious, I set about finding it and writing a blog post about it so I had an aide memoire if I ever encountered that problem again.

I was always going to be blogging - even if no one ever read it

And that was the thing, I didn't really believe that anyone would ever read it.

However, I still went through the basic process of keyword research and SEO when I was writing and then used social media to help distribute them. Because it wouldn't be black belt blogging if these were just ramblings with no strategy.

So why blog about marketing, Jo?

Fast forward five years and our Hubspot account managers cannot get over how much traffic we get to our site. They repeatedly tell us how blown away they are because we are a very small agency whose visitor stats are wiping the floor with all but the largest and most successful of our peers.

These strangers all come to check out the wealth of useful information that has accumulated on the blog of this website over the years.

Now that's a really good reason to sit in front of my keyboard on a regular basis.

blogging-addictI am prolific because I want to help other business owners to understand the concepts of getting sales and blogging helps to disseminate the knowledge that I have gained as a result of my own ignorance.

I can put myself in your shoes and explain things in language that you will understand BECAUSE I too am a business owner who is looking for the best way to market my business.

I understand your pain when it comes to promoting your business.

But I don't want to interrupt you when you are doing something else. I do not want to be cold calling or selling with a sledgehammer.

I want you to find me when you are actively researching a solution to your problem. When you need the free advice that I have to offer.

Inbound marketing has shown me that I can use a skill that I possess to bring strangers to my website so that they start to know me. By educating them, I can help them to like and trust me as a person and as a business owner.

Just like my karate black belt, it took five years to work out the best, most effective way to blog. But by joining up the dots of my online marketing, I now have a growing business to prove this strategy works.

And you can do black belt blogging too!

It just takes the first sentence.

Inbound Marketing Machine

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