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Blogging for beginners

by Jon Law, on May 12, 2014

78 million website owners use WordPress for a reason...

wordpress More than 22% of websites use WordPress as it is the best platform to get found on Google.

Put simply, Google loves WordPress sites. But only if you optimise correctly, find out how on this workshop! We run these regularly in Leigh on Sea, Essex.

With the latest Hummingbird updates Google is prioritising useful, unique content, and that is where your business website blog posts come in. This workshop will bring you up to date with the latest Google changes!

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Join Lollipop Local on this beginners workshop which shows you how to leverage your blogging efforts to reach the widest audience.

Blogging gets sales

Confused, bewildered beginner?

  • Blogging takes time and effort...
  • And what about the learning curve...

Don't worry, the experts at Lollipop Local will gently give you the leg-up you need. So you can get found and get customers from your Wordpress blog. After all, without blogging we'd have no business..!

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On this workshop YOU will learn

  1. How to use the editor features effectively
  2. How to optimise your blog post to make Google happy
  3. A syndication plan to get more bang for your buck from each blog post you write
  4. Working with keywords

There's plenty more Devil in the detail.

Call us on 01702 476517 to book your two-hour Blogging consultation for £150

These can be one to one private consultations or for a group of up to three staff members or friends.


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