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by Jo Shaer, on November 1, 2012

blogging for businessIt was quite funny today when a new client called and said "I found you by chance on the internet. I was looking up something on Google and your website with the information telling me how to do it came up, so I thought I would give you a call."

LOL, it takes a lot of work to make that happen but, trust me, it isn't by chance :)

Blogs are a great way to keep your content regularly updating with advice and focus on areas of your business which might not merit a page to themselves. These updates can link out to the existing pages as part of a good internal linking strategy, directing Google juice to important pages.

Lollipop Local's Business Blogging workshops

We now run regular workshops to get you up and running and, importantly promoting your business online. Here's what one of our blogging for business attendees thought of a recent workshop.


Tips for Business blogging

There is a plethora of information about how to blog for your business but, in between all the exhortations to choose catchy, thought or action provoking titles and encourage your readers to share it on social media or call you for more information in an effective call to action, the real facts are entertainment and education for your reader is key to a successful business blog.

Yes, you need to work your keywords in order to get more traffic to the site and a blog is an incredibly efficient way of doing this. But having your readers share your posts on their social media profiles with their own calls to action and recommendations, is a way to get potential customers in your area onto your site. It's an endorsement almost as useful as a positive review. You're writing simply has to be shareable!

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No need to force the Keywords in...

In contrast to entertaining, there is nothing worse than reading post after post which is stuffed full of attempts to scam the search engines by repeating the keywords over and over again. To make your blog user-friendly, you have to write in a way that you would like to read. You have to be informative and provide solutions to problems that other business owners might regularly encounter. Your blog should be a useful resource that establishes your status as an expert in your field. Inform, entertain and update your website with blog posts that you'd be proud to show your mother. If she wouldn't want to read what you write why would anyone else?

It's especially helpful if you have established your Google Authorship. Those little pictures have worked very well for me personally, helping my posts to stand out over those of my competitors.


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