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    Building Backlinks: Article Spinning

    [fa icon="clock-o"] May 12, 2011 [fa icon="user"] Jo Shaer [fa icon="folder-open'] Local SEO

    "nasty-article-spinning"There are a lot of backlink builders out there. People offering to get you to the top of Google by creating a complex network of links all leading back to your site.

    The number of backlinks your site has is a measure of its authority so, in terms of Local SEO, it's very important that you build a healthy number, which are of a good quality, and this is often done through article marketing.

    However, the majority of these programs rely on techniques called scraping and spinning.

    This is where they take a private label rights article - one that has no copyright, so anyone can use it. Then they put it through a machine which changes all the synonyms and adjectives using a thesaurus. It is called spinning.

    The big problem with spinning is that you can end up with an article that works for the Google bots and spiders but is complete gibberish to the human reader. And, as a writer or brand, the last thing you want is a nonsensical piece of rubbish attached to your name.

    This happened to me when I used a paid program recently. Admittedly, it was with a keyword that would have very few actual searches, but it was there. A load of old tosh that assaulted every nerve ending in my obsessive-compulsive nature.

    I had to write three articles of my own to try to 'bury' it by moving it down the rankings and off the front page.

    At Lollipop Local, we write our own articles and, if any spinning is involved (to avoid duplicate content appearing too often on the internet), we do it manually, sentence by sentence, to ensure that the general sense of the piece is not compromised.

    It takes longer and costs a little more but we think it's the right thing to do to maintain the credibility of your brand.

    Jo Shaer

    Written by Jo Shaer

    "You're not like other marketing agencies, are you?" Nope, and we're proud of it. No jargon, no BS. We build websites with TLC - Traffic, Leads & Customers. From small beginnings - as a part time lollipop lady designing websites in her back bedroom for the business owners she was seeing across the road - Jo Shaer has grown Lollipop to a limited company with its own office and 4 staff. She cares passionately about the success of your business. You can trust her to do the right thing, not the easy thing.

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