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Bulk Deleting Messages From Horde

by Jo Shaer, on August 25, 2015

Be aware that Horde's clunky and hard to use system has become even more incomprehensible.

I had a site that was attacked by a bot sending out hundreds of email messages and, when the attack was stopped, it left all those messages in the Horde inbox of my client's email.

So how to bulk delete all those messages from Horde?

Click on the cog in the top menu and select mail from the dropdown menu

The Deleting and Moving Messages link is in the third of the four columns you then see - the one marked Messages. Follow the settings in this image to ensure that you have a Trash mailbox set up.

show trash folder in horde

Be aware that you may not be able to create a new trash box. You may have to choose None. I chose to put the deleted mails into the Virtual Trash and it took me twice as long because I then had to repeat the process and empty the Virtual Trash

where is horde bulk email deleteHere is how you access Mail.

Now you have your trash set up, you need to delete all those messages!

Previously you could go into the display section and set the number of messages showing on a page to 100 and delete them that way

Display section under the cog and Mail > Mailbox > Mailbox Display > Messags per page in Mailbox view

It is set to 30 but you used to be able to set it to show 100 messages. This no longer seems to work

However, if you just hit check all box and hit delete, it does seem to delete the entire mailbox not just what is showing on that screen



The video and blog post below do help but the layout has changed so that it is even more difficult to find the tools that you need to actually delete them.

Good Luck!


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