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Buying/Registering a Domain

by Jo Shaer, on August 25, 2011 register - nominetBack in June 2010, I bought my first domain name for a client.

Having purchased .com and .info addresses in the past, I thought it would be the same simple process of entering your name and address and that would be it.

However, a year later, I am a little wiser because for or any .uk domain registration, things are rather different. Whilst your domain name is registered with the registrar as usual, it also has to be registered with Nominet.

Nominet maintains the Internet registry for .uk domain names which, with over nine million domain names managed, is one of the world's largest internet registries.

It is important that all .uk domain names are registered to a legally identifiable person or company, examples of this are:

- If the domain name(s) belong(s) to an individual, the account name needs to show the full name of that person.
- If the domain name(s) belong(s) to a sole trader, the account name needs to show sole trader's name t/a 'trading' name.
- If the domain name(s) belong(s) to a limited company, the account name needs to show the limited company's full name.

But, more than that, you cannot Opt Out of the WHOIS register unless you are a consumer - an individual who has registered and is using the domain name for a purpose unconnected with any business, trade (this includes the registration of domain names for monetisation purposes, e.g. pay per click advertising etc) or profession. Your address details have to be public.

So, when buying your domain name, it is very important that you have all this information to hand from the beginning.

If you make a mistake, you can go into your Nominet account to make the necessary changes and you should be able to use the email address you used to register the account but, in some cases, it is necessary to call Nominet's very patient and extremely helpful customer services team to get started.

Important points to remember:

1. If you are going to be owning multiple domains yourself, you use the same account/log-in details so that you can put them all together for ease of use.

2. If you are registering on behalf of a client, use an email that both you and the client have access to, because if they decide to work with someone else in the future, there can be costs involved in changing the account holder's details.

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