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Camera Roll Obscured by Album on iPhone 4

by Jo Shaer, on January 3, 2013

camera roll hidden under album iphone4So, this morning, I wanted to access a screenshot I had just taken but discovered that the camera roll had suddenly become obscured by the Album tab on my iPhone 4.

It's funny how reliant so many of us have become on that little computer we can hold in the palm of our hand - and yet so many of us don't know how to use them fully, particularly when they go wrong.

And even more bizarre how, knowing this, some businesses still don't have a proper Mobile Website Design that is tailor made for the millions of smart phones that are in use every day.

How to save a screen shot on iphone 4

Hold down the button on the top and then click the button on the front and it takes a screenshot that is saved in your camera roll. However, when I went to find the image, I could manually pull the camera roll down but it just would not let me click on it.

How to stop the Camera Roll being Obscured by Album on iPhone 4

Naturally, I turned to Google and found a couple of options to rectify the issue, which is a known bug. Some people are recommending a hard reset by holding down the button at the top and the button on the front at the same time until it switches off.

However, the option that worked for me was to double click the button on the front. A small bar appears along the bottom with the most recent programs you have used. Hold your finger on the Photos image until it starts to shake and the red circle with a dash appears next to it. Tap the photos image again so that it disappears. Then go into your photos section from the main page.

Et voila - problem solved.

Camera Roll no longer obscured by Album on iPhone 4.

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