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How Can I Find Out If An Image Has Copyright?

by Jo Shaer, on November 30, 2013

find out about copyright on imagesI wrote about why using photographs on your blog or website can be a bad idea here.

Today I learned a great trick that will help you to find out a bit more about the image that you want to use.

Right click on the image. Then select the option 'Search Google for this image'.

search Google to find out about copyright on imagesIt will produce a list of the places where that image has been published.

It will also show you a selection of similar images.

It doesn't tell you if the image has copyright on it. But you can see where the picture comes from.

If it's on a stock photo site, you know where to purchase it.

If it's on Flickr or some other Creative Commons site, you know how to use it and stay within the rules.

Infographic on copyright infringement

Copyright when using Social Media

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