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Is Your Google+ Profile In The Name Of Your Business Or Product?

by Jo Shaer, on April 11, 2014

NO!!!! Please don't do that!

Just as with Facebook and LinkedIn, Google's guidelines confirm that the main profile on Google+ has to be a person with a first and last name.

I am starting to get requests to circle all sorts of things like bars, magazines and groups!

Only people can go in a circle. And you follow a business.

Rules for setting up your Google Plus profile

Your account has to be in YOUR first and last name.

You can add a nickname within your real name - *First Name* "Nickname" *Last Name*. So Jo "Lollipop" Shaer.

You can't preface your name with a title like Dr - even if you are one! However, you can add your Ph.D to your Other names section on your Google+ profile

Break the rules and you run the risk of having your account suspended.

Can I put my Product or Business into my Personal Profile?

See the rules for setting up a Google Plus profile above.

There are dedicated Google+ Business Pages for your business or product. You create your business or product pages from your Google+ profile.

You may not set up your business page or product on a profile. Find out more here

What to do if you have set up your Google Plus profile in the name of your product or business

change your profile info on google plusDone it wrong?

Here's how to change your name in your profile.

Hover your mouse over the Home button on the top left of your Google+ account

Select Profile from the drop down menu

Find your name in the header section - it should be just underneath your profile picture.

Hover over your name and it will say 'Click to edit your name'. Click

edit your name on google+A pop up box will allow you to make the change.

REMEMBER - you can only do this three times in two years! So serial brides need to be aware :O

REMEMBER - it will change your name across all your Google properties.

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