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Can I Change The Name of My Facebook Business Page Now?

by Jo Shaer, on September 30, 2012

Yes indeedy! In the last couple of weeks, Facebook has been changing the rules left, right and centre.

Now, providing you have less than 200 likes, you can change the page name

Change Facebook Page name with less than 200 likes

change name of Facebook pageIf your Page qualifies, follow these steps to change its name:
From the top of your Page, click Edit Page
Select Update Info
Then on the Basic Information page which is automatically bought up, scroll down to below the map
Change the text in the Name field and save your edits
It will then change the name of your page at the top of that dashboard and how people see it.

If you've got more than 200 fans, Just Ask Kim can talk you through the process http://just-ask-kim.com/how-to-change-facebook-fan-page-name/#.UFYcSrJlT80

However, contrary to what Kim says at the beginning of her piece, it would appear that you can also change the Facebook Page vanity url ONCE! See what Social Fresh has to say on the subject.


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