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Can I Remove Facebook Friendship or Couples Pages?

by Jo Shaer, on January 14, 2013

At my recent workshop, I mentioned the hideous Facebook Couples Pages. These suddenly appeared on Facebook in November for all those people who had completed the section in their personal information about their relationship. All the attendees had been unaware of this and were very shocked.

If you had said you were married or in a relationship and named the other person involved, the Facebook algorithm went through its database to find all those pictures and status updates where you interacted with each other or were mentioned together.

How Can I See My Facebook Couples Page?

You can get to them by clicking on the highlighted personal status in the info section underneath your personal profile pic. Where it says Married to ****. Or you can type in facebook.com/us and if you have a page, it will take you to it.

The announcement was greeted with derision. No one wanted these creepy pages.

facebook couples and friendship pages

Friendship Pages on Facebook

In fact, Facebook has created relationship pages for all those people that you are friends with - they just haven't really publicised it. If you go into your 'Friends' list and hover over the name of one of them, a box will appear with the instruction 'See Friendship'. Click on that and you will see all your interactions and photographs with that particular friend.

"I've noticed that I now have a Facebook couples page, can I delete it?"

Sadly, the answer is NO! As Search Engine Journal reports, when you signed up to Facebook, you agreed to let them use any information that you posted, it's up to you to ensure that you share it in the best way to suit your needs.

“You cannot deactivate the pages, but you can control what you share on Facebook using the privacy settings for each post,” Facebook’s Jessie Baker wrote in an e-mail to CNN. “The friendship page respects the privacy setting of each post. This means the person viewing the friendship page may see each post elsewhere on Facebook, like on either friend’s timeline or in news feed. You can curate your friendship page by hiding stories you do not want to appear.

“As a reminder, selecting to ‘hide’ an object from your timeline or friendship page does not remove it from Facebook, and the object may show up in other places such as news feed. If you would like to remove a story you posted from Facebook altogether, you can do so by selecting delete post or untagging yourself from photos.”

privacy on facebook friendship pagesSo, basically, you need to go to each individual post on the Friendship or Couples Page, hover your mouse over the top right hand corner to see the star/pencil option. Click on the pencil and you will see the option to Remove from the Friendship page.

This will mean that the posts will still appear on your individual timelines but just not on the friendship or couples page.

Hope this helps!

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