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Change Domain Names From

by Jo Shaer, on March 25, 2012

If you want to change domain names from, it can be rather a daunting prospect.

However, going onto their site, the process seemed easy enough for a domain. I just needed to download a Transfer form, complete the details and then fax it back to Customer Service.

But, naturally, there was far more to it than that.

Because the link for the download of the Transfer form went to a blank page.

After searching their site for the Transfer form with no luck, I began searching on the internet to see if there was another version somewhere. And that's when I came upon more information about what was to ensue from Transfer Domains.

How to Change Domain Names from charge £22.32 per UK domain to change the IPS TAG so that you can move to another Hosting Company or ISP.

They have a special domain name release form but you can only obtain this by emailing and asking for a "Domain Name Transfer Form". They will email it back to you as a PDF document.

You will need to fill in:
Domain Name to Transfer
Do you wish to cancel all associated services with this domain name?
New Service Providers Name
IPS TAG of your new ISP
Primary & Secondary Name Servers
Credit Card details to pay the £19 + VAT
Your Name
Account Name
First 3 characters of your account password

Once you have completed all the details, you need to fax it back to them on 0870 458 9454 or post it to:

Customer Management Group
Netnames Limited
3rd Floor, Prospero House
241 Borough High Street

In the end the client decided that, even though he could then get renewals far more cheaply from another registrar, the hassle and exit fee were too much bother to change domain names from

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