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How Can I Change The Registrant Of My Domain Now That Company No Longer Exists?

by Jo Shaer, on February 20, 2014


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Back in 2013, transferring the registrant of a was much more complicated.

A client had asked us for help with changing the name of the registrant. The limited company was all transferred into his name at the time of the purchase. He had all the log in information for the website and was paying for the domain renewal and the hosting.

But one crucial point had been forgotten. The name of the registrant still showed the previous owner.

In 2017, you can now log into your or .uk domain's account with its registrar and change that information.  This will then be amended in the domain's account with Nominent, the governing body for and .uk domains.

Back then, you could not do that and, because the Nominet account had not been set up using a domain-based email address, there was no way of getting into that account to make the change there.

After a few weeks of going round in circles, I called the lovely Jessica at Nominet who was extremely helpful.

She was able to check the status of the company who were the existing registrants and, according to Companies House, they had been dissolved.

Change the registrant of a domain where the company has been dissolved

As a dissolved company does not exist anymore, Nominet's contract for these domains is no longer valid and the registration will need to be corrected or they will be cancelled from the database.

To prevent this from happening, you need to supply evidence to show that you have established use of this domain name. Then it should be possible to get a registrant correction indemnity form. This process does carry an administration charge of £30 + Vat to complete the correction.

If you want to start this process you need to provide Nominet with the following information:

* evidence of your established use of the domain name, this may include:
- order forms and invoices relating to the domain name.
- evidence of historical use of the domain name e.g. historical web pages showing clear use.
- the ability to receive and respond to emails sent to an email address at the domain name.

* A signed letter on headed paper stating the following:
- That the registration should have been transferred from the dissolved company before the company ceased to exist.
- Confirmation that there are no dispute or third party claims that you are aware of.
- The correct registrant should be (including):
- Full name of registrant - this can be a limited company
- If a registered company, their company number
- Their postal address
- An administrative contact name and email address.
- The registrar Tag for your new hosting provider (if this is changing)


Once you have submitted the necessary information, Nominet send you an email containing a link. This allows you to pay the fee, check all the information on the form is correct and update the registrant details.

If you have this problem, give Nominet a call on 01865 332244 and they will help you to sort it out.

Find out how to change the registrant if that person is now deceased.

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